Living with Your Divine Self

Once we are motivated daily by love and the will to serve, the inner door opens. We begin a spiritual journey that brings new possibilities and new opportunities to make a positive difference in the world around us.

Each strand of light adds to expanded awareness of our life vision. Having our soul’s intelligence as a  guide inspires us with the love that creates harmony in conflict. inner peace over anxiety, confidence over doubts. The soul’s shining essence is guiding us long before we are aware of it. Soon, we have the vision to see our next step toward the Path of Light.

Strands of light  extend up to the soul and enable us to create a Bridge of Light from our personality to the soul

Our commitment to live in the light and love of the soul sets the stage to become sensitive to its secret voice.

Rather than attempting to duck from challenging situations, we set our will to see the cause. rather than only the outer symptoms of problems. When our actions are soul directed, the effect is positive for everyone.

My book, Bridge of Light: Tools of Transformation for Spiritual Transformation and the audio meditations that go with the book, teach new methods to reach the light and love of the soul, and, step by step, to live as the soul.

We begin to see the right choices and to act on those choices. This could be as small as notes of appreciation or a sincere apology where indicated. It might be meditating for or speakingt to those who need encouragement or knowledge.  The overriding thought we hold in mind definitely creates a subtle form that can clear up the fog overhead. and aid others in our groups, family, friends, coworkers, and spiritual group members.