Courage for Your Life Purpose

By: Launa Huffines
Four meditations
Courage for Your Life Purpose

These meditations are focused on the courage to see beyond one's usual thoughts and feelings and simply sit in silence with the soul to realize new opportunities being presented, and to have the courage to accept these.Open the gates to activate spiritual courage for your life and its purpose. It is this purpose that your soul energizes. Be persitent and you will find the courage to choose the right path at every decision point. With courage one has a sense of humor, laughs easily, and creates strong relationships. In the last journey you make an inner commitment in response to an inner star of power. You walk with vision, and realize new possibilities for your life. You develop the capacity to live up to in harmony with your life purpose.

Spiritual courage takes you into larger playing fields; it is essential to meet your goals that emerge from a higher frequency of light. Be willing to discover and put into action the finest vision for your life. Spiritual courage is not the foolish  and dangerous acts of movies. It is taking your life choices into your own hands and acting from the authority of your soul and spirit.

Session 1 -- Developing the Spiritual Quality of Courage:  Let the courage of the higher dimensions crown you and awaken you to your nobility when you most need it. Develop the courage that is strong and forceful, yet acts only through love; courage that is undaunted by any obstacle, yet never harmful. Use this spiritual courage to achieve your life purpose.

Session 2 -- Finding your Life Purpose: Recogizing your true purpose through spiritual impression from the soul.

Session 3 -- Merging with Your Brightest Star: A brief journey to align and harmonize with the energy of your life purpose. Joy lies in aligning with that which your soul is preparing you to do in your life. 

Session 4 -- Dedicating Yourself to Your Life Purpose: Your dedication creates a channel of energy between you and your higher purpose that draws to you all that is needed. A waterfall of energy is directed to your mind and heart.

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