Healing Yourself with Light Book and Audio Healing Courses

Heal and regenerate your mind, emotions and body. Nine sets of audio meditations for healing. Powerful guided journeys, and the book by Launa Huffines, Healing Yourself with Light: How to Connect with the Angelic Healers, offer a complete system of healing. Enjoy 50% to 70% discounts on these CDs and downloads.
Advanced healing techniques for healing self and others, audio and booklet
This course is created for those who have read the book (Healing Yourself with Light) and/or listened to Healing with Light I and II meditations that go with the book. You can order all these at the same time if you wish.
These eight meditation journeys stimulate new healing and regenerating energies. Binaural sound waves underneath the voice and music increase receptivity to a finer light. They are created to go with the book, Healing Yourself With Light: How to Connect with the Angelic Healers, H.J.Kramer Pub. The Healing Angels work with you as you listen to these meditations and your body absorbs their healing energies. The sincerity of your intention is what counts.
Healing Yourself with Light II
These guided journeys are created to follow Healing With Light I and to go with the book, Healing Yourself with Light: How to Connect with the Angelic Healers. The Healing Angels who are sponsoring this system of healing are working with you as you listen to these meditations. You may notice greater serenity, alert awareness, cheerfulness, and the will to make changes after listening.
Angelic Healing for Pain
"In these meditations listeners learn to release pain through deep relaxation and linking with the solar Angel to invoke spiritiual healing. Connecting with the Inner Healer offers further release from pain. The music by Thaddeus enriches the healing atmosphere with soft synthesizer chords and gentle bells—complementing the visual imagery with beautiful notes, creating a feeling of inner peace that works in tandem with Huffines' voice.
Four guided meditation journeys for angelic assistance to strengthen and rejuvenate bones and muscles using visualization, color and sound.  A powerful and relaxing inner journey. Listeners tell us they experience a sense of regenerating energy thrughout their body and nervous system after listening to these four meditations.
Merging with Solar Light I: Transforming Your Mind
These guided meditations and visualizations aid in the connecting link between the mind and the soul, increase the sensitivity of the mind to the guidance of the soul, and transform your mind step by step toward the actual merging of your mind with the solar light.
Merging with Solar Light II, Transforming Your Emotions
Love is the ultimate healing force! When your emotions are transformed to hold more light, they raise the light in your cells, strengthen your immune system, and regenerate your body. Build emotions that energize and heal you as well as the people around you. Expand the healing power of your heart center. Bring streams of light to any challenging situation.
Merging With Solar Light III
These processes strengthen your immunity to disease, and enable you to handle stress more easily. Use solar light to upgrade your cells and create a finer body. Make changes in your cells that create a better body for your soul’s work here. Let the solar light bring a new molecular substance of a higher vibration into your body.  Add light to your glands, skin, and eyes. Set up ongoing rejuvenation for yourself. Choose the foods that truly nourish you.