Recommended Sites Teaching Esoteric Wisdom or Related Teaching

Triangles of Light -This worldwide service activity network is a magnificant way to use spiritual forces to bring positive change in the world. Triangles form a channel of light, love and purpose to flow to the human race. Using the Great Invocation in one of 80 languages, this is the work of the new group of world servers over the world.

Healing with Light - Connecting with the Angelic Healers - Sponsored by Path of Light group to promote the creation of your Temple of Healing. Visit the Temple and go through its seven rooms, learn more about the perfect healing pattern that your soul is holding for you. Check the level of your "will" to be healed.

Wisdom Impressions - The not-for-profit publishers of the works of Lucille Cedercrans. Her writings are a practical blend of information and meditation practices directed toward soul alignment and service. Wisdom Impressions is a group of students and practitioners of The Wisdom. Their purpose is to support the teaching and facilitate the distribution of The Wisdom.

Add Light - Excellent meditations on a few of the major astral illusions that limit and distort our consciousness. Open to all who wish to join in the upcoming online group sessions with streaming meditations.

Light Library - Offering a review of New Age books and websites that invite you into the light of your soul. Words have the power to magically transport you into another world, to a place where the words come alive and dance through your mind, weaving through your thoughts and feelings. This library vibrates to a higher frequency, a dimension of spirit.

Lucis Trust -The worldwide activities of Lucis Trust (Trust the Light) are dedicated to establishing right human relations. The motivating impulse is love of God, expressed through love of humanity and service of humanity. The activities of Lucis Trust are focused on education and recognition and practice of the spiritual principles and values that build a stable and interdependent world society.

ISSSEEM  International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine is an international non-profit interdisciplinary organization dedicated to exploring and applying subtle energies as they relate to the experience of consciousness, healing, and human potential. ISSSEEM serves as a bridge builder between communities and a leader in the field.

Nicholas Roerich Museum - A major center for the exhibition of paintings by Nicholas Roerich, which offers reproductions of Roerich's art and numerous books about his life and work. Roerich's paintings are spiritually expanding.

The Great Invocation - Inaugurating a new era of goodwill and understanding, encouraging a deeper understanding of and love for our fellowmen; the cultivation of intelligence and wisdom; a practical grasp of world affairs; and an unwavering commitment to the establishment of right human relations, worldwide. They encourage the widespread use of The Great Invocation and other world prayers. This invocation is a powerful way to invoke spiritual aid for the healing of all humanity.

Intuition in Service - An international initiative which aims to:- Help in the awakening of the intuition, and highlight its role in the creation of a better world. Promote human unity and right relationships by encouraging individuals and groups to support the United Nations Days and Years through meditation and prayer.

The School of Wisdom - A school for some of those who are attracted to the study and application of teaching the Ancient Wisdom in a group setting. Located in Arlington Texas for those who wish to participate in the study of the Alice Bailey books and Agni Yoga books.

School for Esoteric Studies - The mission of the School for Esoteric Studies is to train disciples who can work with the Hierarchy and in group formation to implement the Plan. The correspondence training program entails a one-on-one relationship with staff members worldwide, overseen by the Headquarters group.

Seven Ray Institute - Our mission - to strengthen spiritual love, spiritual will, and practical spiritual intelligence in its students. The University's programs are designed to produce graduates who understand the subjective causes behind external events. explores relationship from the atom to infinite through ageless wisdom, global meditation, cosmology, earthly delights, healing arts, inspiring audio, and a world religion; also WeCycleWisdom,'s Living Wise blog.

Institute of Noetic Sciences For nearly 30 years at the forefront of research and education in consciousness and human potential. Pursues inquiry through rigorous science -- not a spiritual sect, political-action group, or single-cause institute.

Brisbane Goodwill Unit of Service– acknowledges the fact of the one Soul of Humanity, and promotes goodwill to bring about Right Human Relations among all people of the world.

Mansalights - A site in English and French with a variety of custom mandalas and descriptions of each one's spiritual meaning focusing on the Divinity of mankind. For purchase, also free mandala offers monthly.

Sites in Languages other than English

Catharina-Dorinde - This website is in Dutch with information and products from the Path of Light, Healing Yourself with Light, consultations, events, schedules of fairs, classes, lectures, workshops, classes, and lectures in The Netherlands and other countries.    

Products that we recommend: - Offers the incense user a variety of incense and related products at affordable prices. The incenses often have their origins in temples, monasteries, and churches and are useful for meditation, spiritual practices, yoga, or to simply add scent to a room.