Sunday Meditations

Join us in meditation (from our homes) each Sunday morning at 9:30 local time to invoke divine light and love. We are sending this energy to you who are focusing on peace and joy for the world, who need healing, who seek to serve in some way through love and understanding.

Please join us for a half-hour of meditation each Sunday. We visualize loving understanding developing between all the world religions, political workers, scientists, educators, and government and finance leaders. The Great Invocation is included in every meditation. This meditation is spoken daily in more than 80 languages. (To see a partial list of translations.)

Watch a One Minute Video of the Great Invocation (Original version)

Join us in bringing light and love to all the people in every country. Sundays - 9:30 to 10:00 AM local time.


Full Moon Cycles

 Meditation during the five day cycle before, during, and after each full moon, is especially effective. We post a suggested meditation to use during the full moon cycle. Energy from the Spiritual Sun and from the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters is sent forth to all disciples while the moon is temporarily not blocking the spiritual channel of light from the Spiritual Sun. Linking in meditation with your spiritual group at the exact moment of each full moon is especially effective and useful, offering the greatest receptivity to those who are guiding humanity. We also sponsor a local meditation meeting (Dallas or Ashland Oregon) at the time of each full moon.

The Great Invocation is said daily in more than eighty languages. Join the channel of light through which this powerful spiritual energy flows into the minds of aligned spiritual workers and out to humanity. This invocation belongs to all the people for the purpose of bringing greater light, love and power to humanity. The purpose of this invocation is to manifest the Plan for human evolution. The energy it holds is building a path for a peaceful world.


Triangles of Light

The Path of Light group sponsors for creating a Triangle with two friends. or joining a Triangle that has been started by someone. This is an excellent way to serve.

All are invited to create a triangle or several triangles who believe in the power of thought, invocation, meditation, or prayer and who are willing to speak the Great Invocation frequently (or other world prayer) and light up their triangle online at the same time. This invocation belongs to all humanity; It did not originate in a religion or other institution. Forty six countries, and every state in the U.S..A. are represented on this site which is only one of many sites in this global network service activity. The reasons the triangles give for joining Triangles are similar -- "to help humanity by sending light and love to all the people." Triangles become brighter as they are "lighted" online.