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Once a spiritual seeker is motivated by love and the will to serve, doors open. Strands of light increase from the mind to the soul, then from the soul to the divine Self, and finally from the divine Self to the Monad -- the One source of life and consciousness.With your soul as your guide you begin a journey that brings many new possibilities. Each strand of light adds to expanded awareness that expands your life vision.
Certain forces are affecting the most sensitive. They affect their environment and gradually a momentum is established which sweeps through a nation or a race, and produce conditions of profound depression and of mutual distrust, causing panic and waves of unrest. This is happening throughout the world. In the U.S. the political fields are strongly affected.As long as humanity identifies with his emotions, he interprets life in terms of his moods and feelings.
You can still join the group and eliminate glamours. We are working on eliminating Criticism, the first glamour in this series.  We are each visualizing the specific steps to break through the illusions that block us out from greater light and life! The group energy with 26 participants is a poertful aid, much easier than working alone! Register with Dwana Kolva  The Path of Light group invites all of those on a spiritual path to begin eliminating those emotionallly charged illusions which virtually everyone struggles with.
Two Path of Light members have healed themselves from serious cancer and shared the news with us. Their news is heartening! We want to share their news with you because their success demonstrates the tremendous power of the soul and the divine Self to heal us and others. Both of these women were treated by medical professionals.
The fully-lighted orb of the moon indicates a free and unimpeded alignment between our planet and the sun, the solar centre, the energy source for all life on Earth.Meditation is true service to humanity when the mind is used as a channel of reception for the energies of light, love and purpose, and directs these energies to aid humanity. The day of each full moon offers the greatest opportunity for meditation, especially when linked with a spiritual group.
As we respond to the love of the heart and soul, we bring our purpose down to earth, and give it a form, in written words, or speech, through art, drama, colors, or music. It is at this point that JOY streams into our whole being. This joy is reflected in our voice, our thoughts and our poised mind. 
Inspiring stories about life changes sent by readers of the Bridge of Light and the Healing with Light books and audio meditations.1. Healing Yourself with Light I and II are the most beautiful, calming, spiritutally lifting and healing meditations I could ever imagine.
All spiritually interested people who seek and work to build right human relations, who practise goodwill and truly focus on the needs of humanity are part of the New Group of World Servers. Their major task at this time is to prepare the way for the reappearance of the Christ. The New Group of World Servers live all over the world. They are connected from the heart center within the soul and the higher self. This group will never be formally organized; they belong to every major religion and philosophy or may belong to none of these.
All can experience the power of the soul through regular meditation. No club or group or organization is required. The commitment to live and work in greater light is the major factor for success in working with the soul. Those who share a positive vision for the world increase the light available each time they meditate.
Check free audio meditations and the Great Invocation in song. Click on the arrow to listen, or on the title to download. We selected journeys from a variety of courses in Path of Light Studies. You can also purchase and listen to many more meditations by LaUna, via download. Check Products for books and meditations on Path of Light  and Healing with Light.You may also watch brief videos by LaUna on healing and world mantras here.