Let the Plan of Love and Light work out


Creating Harmony Out of Conflict The soul’s shining essence guides us long before we are aware of it. Our soul infuses our heart with the love that creates harmony out of conflict, peace from anxiety, and the clear mind that dissolves confusion.we learn to focus on the actual causes rather than on the outer effects. When our actions are soul directed, the effect is positive and healing for everyone.
Check below for free audio meditations and the Great Invocation in song. Click on the arrow to listen, or on the title to download. We selected journeys from a variety of courses in Path of Light Studies. You can also purchase and listen to many more meditations by LaUna, via download. Check Products on Path of Light. You may also watch brief videos by LaUna on healing and world mantras here.
Certain forces are affecting the most sensitive people. They affect the environment and gradually a momentum is established which sweeps through and produces conditions of depression and distrust, causing panic and waves of fear. This is happening throughout the world.
Two Path of Light members have healed themselves from serious cancer and shared the news with us. Their news is heartening! We want to share their news with you because their success demonstrates the tremendous power of the soul and the divine Self to heal us and others. Both of these women were treated by medical professionals. At the same time they were reading the book Healing Yourself with Light and listening to the Healing with Light audio meditations that go with the book.
It is easy to talk about love and what it would be like to love all that breathes. But to make a difference in your groups, invoke the loving energies beyond the personality's desire to help. The Path of Light audio journeys may help you to find and hold the note and color of your soul.
Inspiring stories about life changes sent by readers of the Bridge of Light and the Healing with Light books and audio meditations.1.   "Healing Yourself with Light I and II are the most beautiful, calming, spiritutally lifting and healing meditations I could ever imagine.
All can experience the power of the soul through regular meditation. No club or group or organization is required. The commitment to live and work in greater light is the major factor for success in working with the soul. Those who share a positive vision for the world increase the light available each time they meditate.
One of these colors will be especially healing for you. Select the one that stands out for you. Practice mentally applying that color to your body. Your healing color can change frequently. Note which healing you seek, mental, emotional or physical. Each color is created by one of the seven rays of life sounding its note through your personality or soul.