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Leo Meditation: Thursday, August 18, 5:27 AM EasternDaylightTime*** Leo Keynote: "I am that, and that am I."The Leo full moon offers a unique and powerful opportunity for humanity to respond to tests, realize an expanded vision, and respond to the love streaming through the sun from the Leo constallation. To project this powerful energy to others, focus on the need of humanity for a new direction.Set a clear intention to 1. Provide a channel for spiritual forces to stream to humanity,
"All spiritually inclined men and women, all who seek and work for the establishing of right human relations, all who practise goodwill and truly endeavour to love their fellowmen are an integral part of the New Group of World Servers"
Guest comments * * *Launa is a dear friend and fellow presenter. She is skilled in several esoteric disciplines and totally trust worthy. I do think our similar life experiences are synchonicity. That we have the same color and brand of vacuumn cleaners is a hoot! I have told our matching story many times and always get a smile from the audience. She definitely has things to teach. "
Triangles and Path of Light Studies are interactive, integrative websites with news events, literally a united effort
You can still join the group and eliminate glamours. We are working on eliminating Criticism, the first glamour in this series.  We are each visualizing the specific steps to break through the illusions that block us out from greater light and life! The group energy with 26 participants is a poertful aid, much easier than working alone! Register with Dwana Kolva  The Path of Light group invites all of those on a spiritual path to begin eliminating those emotionallly charged illusions which virtually everyone struggles with.
Two Path of Light members have healed themselves from serious cancer and shared the news with us. Their news is heartening! We want to share their news with you because their success demonstrates the tremendous power of the soul and the divine Self to heal us and others. Both of these women were treated by medical professionals.
This year, 2016, could be the most expansive year of your life! This is an ideal time to upgrade your life and body with greater light and to recognize that you are part of a beautiful spiritual group filled with light and love.Here is an audio meditation for you. Log in, (or register) download and listen to this journey -- to infuse solar light within every cell of your body, bring in the atoms that are in harmony with your soul, which can reveal your true life purpose.
Once we develop our mind, we are confronted with decisions. We realize that all the little choices we make each day are creating the patterns in mental substance which direct our creativity -- toward our  personal desires or toward aid for others.On the mental plane we can use the creative substance that sets up causes on the physical plane. This is the basic difference between the person who is mentally polarized and the person who still lives within an emotional focus who is constantly challenged by, and must work with effects.
The fully-lighted orb of the moon indicates a free and unimpeded alignment between our planet and the sun, the solar centre, the energy source for all life on Earth.Meditation is true service to humanity when the mind is used as a channel of reception for the energies of light, love and purpose, and directs these energies to aid humanity. The day of each full moon offers the greatest opportunity for meditation, especially when linked with a spiritual group.
As we respond to the love of the heart and soul, we bring our purpose down to earth, and give it a form, in written words, or speech, through art, drama, colors, or music. It is at this point that JOY streams into our whole being. This joy is reflected in our voice, our thoughts and our poised mind.