Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • Where is a good place to begin with the Path of Light?

    The best place to begin is with the Bridge of Light audio journeys (for download or on Cd volumes). LaUna created these meditations for meditating with the soul.

    Merging with Solar Light is published in three volumes of focus. Volume I is Transforming Your Mind. Volume II is Transforming Your Emotions, and Volume III is Transforming Your Body. You can order these for downloading or on CD volumes.

    The book "Healing Yourself with Light: How to Connect with the Angelic Healers," helps you to continue spiritual awakening and expansion and to meet the needs of the brain and body as they absorb these spiritual forces. LaUna made other audio programs for specific healing with the angels.

  • What is the most important course on the Path of Light site?

    The Path of Light audio program stands out as unique in its field of a spiritual path. With four levels (Path of Light I, II, III, and IV) this program enables you to meditate with one of the small groups of nine and develop group consciousness with each other as souls, and later as divine beings. The principles of group intention, group vision, group heart, group receptivity, and other principles are drawn from several sources of Ageless Wisdom Teachings.

  • What if I want advice for a physical illness?

    Always consult with your physician or other health professional and get a diagnosis before using these spiritual techniques for healing. Use what we offer as complementary to medical treatment. We do not offer individual advice for healing.

  • What do you offer that is free?

    Free audio listening room journeys, downloads and videos
    Online study groups
    Online full moon meditations each month
    Free courses in Ashland Oregon and Dallas Texas,
    Triangles of Light (, a worldwide service activity invoking light and love for humanity. Everyone who believes in the power of thought or meditation for a finer world civilization, may create or join a Triangle with friends or with other spiritual workers from somewhere in the world.

    Path of Light/Triangles of Light/Healing with Light newsletter

    Videos of world mantras

    Online blogs, articles and other featured news

    A Healing Community. Members have studied the Healing Yourself with Light book and listened to specific audio courses on healing, and often have completed weekend courses with LaUna in person. All members of the community can write for healing assistance and receive healing aid from the whole community (62 members) from several countries.

  • Do you read the emails sent to Path of Light?

    Yes, we read each one carefully, link with you as a soul, and send blessings to those of you who write. We respond to all emails unless we are in the midst of travel and away from a computer.