Create with Divine Love

Our world was created through sound and color. These sounds and colors are still streaming out to all life on this planet; the creative One is not finished. New frequencies and new colors are providing more opportunities for us to use creative energies.

As above, so below! Once the spiritual seeker is motivated by love and the will to serve, doors open that were unseen. Each of us has a thread of light to the soul, to the spiritual triad, to the Monad, the One source. This tiny channel of light expands when we set mind and heart to invoke and infuse the love of the soul. It is through meditation with the soul that one absorbs the light, love and will to extend the bridge from personality to soul into the finer frequencies of light. She sets her intention to reach divine will and divine light beyond the soul. She is not motivated by personal ambition, rather she moves under the guidance of the soul toward the divine frequencies of reality.

Gradually the disciple is illuminated by the finest light and by connecting with divine love. Later the meditating disciple comes into contact with divine will. Personal goals of enlightenment, of fame, or riches dissolve in the light of the divine. The open eye sees the need of humanity and turns full attention to the Plan for humanity; he realizes his part in this Plan and realizes the field of service where he can make a contribution for the manifestation of this divine Plan. He joins a group with a similar vision to aid. Using meditation and outer work on the  physical plane, he creates ways to put into use the ideas he has received in meditation.

Unfinished karma may be presented by the soul. Before a spiritual seeker can move from the provisional path onto the Path of Light, his past debts to others (recent and ancient) must be paid. When this understanding is present, the challenges presented to him by the soul may stimulate fear, anger, or discouragement, yet the seeker soon sees the right choice to make. He knows what he must do and he does it. This could be as small as a sincere apology where indicated or the balancing of a major debt (of time, energy, money, or help) owed to someone. (A debt may indicate repayment by work, deeds, love or knowledge.