Single Audio Journey Downloads

These audio journey has unique energies to unfold the central Lotus of the soul. LaUna created these journeys for those who want to move forward on a spiritual path.
The Path of Light program is our most advanced audio program. Level 1 has 12 CD audio meditations. Downloads has 27 sessions -- same content exactly, just shorter meditations. Set your intention to connect the soul to your higher mind and this mind to your brain as you listen. Developing this sensitivity to the light and power of the soul in your conscious mind, enables you to know and to act upon your life purpose. In Path of Light III, establish a magnetic link from the soul to the divine self.
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Advanced - Calling forth the spiritual assets from your spiritual source and making these available to others.
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Energize both power and strength using the golden/orange prana. This journey was originally included in The Good, True, and Beautiful album.
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Finding and Using Your Innate Spiritual Power
 Learning the process of becoming sensitive to the spiritual power that is within the higher frequencies of your being. This is the power that needs to be used out in the world as one seeks to serve others.
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