Listening Room - Meditation Journeys

Check free audio meditations and the Great Invocation in song. Click on the arrow to listen, or on the title to download. We selected journeys from a variety of courses in Path of Light Studies. You can also purchase and listen to many more meditations by LaUna, via download. Check Products on Path of Light.

You may also watch brief videos by LaUna on healing and world mantras here.

A Journey to Light, Love, and Power

Listn to this meditation journey the first thing in the mornings, and/or when you are ready for bed at night. It is one of my favorites and I want you to have it as my gift to you. Feel free to share it with friends and coworkers.
Today our Path of Light group is closer to the great source of our being than ever before As we cross over the Bridge of Light to the soul, we become group conscious and expand our reach to greater light. Together we can reach the plane of divine light, divine love, and divine power!

Merging with Your Solar Angel

Listening to the Mind of God and then to Merging with Your Solar Angel is very effective The meditations help align your mind and soul to prevail over your emotions and physical distractions. They enable you to clear all the colors within you which you are radiating out to others ss you go through each day. Try listening for 9 evenings as you go to bed and then note the sense of a door opening that has been closed, which allows greater light and love to infuse your life.

The Mind of God

Listen first to the Mind of God and second to Merging with Your Solar Angel each evening for 9 days, and then observe positive shifts in your sleep and dreams. From the Transforming Your Mind series of Merging with Solar Light.

Five Spiritual Qualities

Building and strengthening five spiritual qualities that take you to the higher intuitive frequencies. We ask your help in sending greater light and peace to humanity during these tumultuous times all over the world. Using these five qualities you can link with all who are serving in this way to help create a peaceful civilization. To get the whole course on Bridge to Intuition Path of Light III click here.

The Great Invocation

The Great Invocation is being sounded today in more than 80 languages in virtually every metropolitan city and village in the world. Using this invocation daily, indivudually or in groups, lifts others and also awakens the higher light within those who use it. To create a Triangle with two others, and project even greater light and love to humanity, check our Path of Light Study Group's

The Power of a Spiritual Group

A triangle of light can create a spiritual group. When your triangle is linked with the global network of Triangles of Light( you are connected with thousands of interlaced triangles workers over the world.
We invite you to create a Triangle of Light. Register online and light up your Triangle each day as you say the Great Invocation. Remember to speak the names of your Triangles members as you begin.
Everyone is welcome to join is willing to spend a few minutes each day invoking light and love and power for humanity with this invocation You may create as many triangles as you wish.

Excerpt-Creating Your Temple of Light

Your Temple of Light is found high on the mountain of spiritual substance. You will build visualization skills as you explore your sacred place for meditation and build your bridge of light to the soul. Becoming sensitive to a higher will. Realize an energy of great minds assisting you to find the way, to clear your path to find a beautiful structure made of the substance that your soul has sent forth. The light within is bright, as if emanating from within the temple walls. It will match the divinity of your soul. This meditation is in the Temple of Light audio CD set.