Frequently Asked Questions

Download Questions

  • What is a download?

    A download audio file is a file you can bring directly into your computer over the internet. Our audio files are CD quality. When you download the audio files to your computer, you can listen to them directly through your computer speakers, burn them to a CD, or put them on a portable listening device, called an MP3 player. An iPod is an example of an MP3 player.

  • Specific Download Help

    We would like to assist you, but there are too many types of computer systems and browsers, MP3 software and players, as well as the individual settings and ways you have configured your computer to be able to track down what the problem might be or to walk you through the download process. Please consult your computer technician for assistance. If you find any problems with the audio during or after downloading it, such as incorrect tracks, please let us know.

  • Basic Download Help

    Overall, the process of transferring audio files consists of the following:

    1) Install audio management software on your computer such as iTunes.
    2) Download the audio files from our website into a folder in your computer or onto an external hard drive.
    3) Open your audio management software and follow instructions to add the downloaded files to your audio library.
    4) After you have the files loaded into your library, you can sync your library with your iPod or MP3 device.

    Most players and devices come with extensive instructions.

  • Our files are DRM-free. What does DRM-free mean?

    Digital Rights Management or "DRM" commonly refers to software that is designed to control or limit how a file can be played, copied, downloaded, shared, or accessed. DRM-free means that the MP3 files you purchase from do not contain any software that will restrict your use of the file. The courses and audios you purchase from us are free of Digital Rights Management software so that you have the flexibility to play them on any of your media players, computers, or burn them to CDs.