The Good, the True and the Beautiful

By: LaUna Huffines
Eight Guided Meditations
Prerequisite: Your will to experience the finer light and love of the soul and realize the beauty of your being.

Meditation course on two CDs (with voice and music) based on the great truths presented in some of the ancient mantras. These meditation/discussions are useful to assist the listener to experience the power of these sacred verbal formulas that contain mystical and esoteric potentials. Such mantras were created by adepts who knew the law of vibration, the science of sound, the purpose of evolution, the nature of form, and the ability to see truth in all things. They help stabilize the consciousness in the light of expanded vision and understanding. The mantras bring to the surface of the mind the innate wisdom and love of great truths.

For thousands of years, mantras have been chanted and spoken by Mystics to invoke the good, the true, and the beautiful for all of humanity. The meditations here are not chanted, rather certain phrases are emphasized in each of these world mantras. The purpose is to create a serene nervous system with emotions that reflect spiritual light, and an alert brain that is sensitive to soul contact with the Great Ones. By listening as if you are a living part of Their magnificent light and love, the mantras can become a mirror to clearly reflect your True Self. The adepts have made the Good, the True, and the Beautiful that lies beyond the physical plane almost visible. Learn to evoke images that reflect the nature of spirit in matter and form. Practice recognizing a greater good, seeing greater truth, and experiencing the true beauty of the spiritual world.

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