Healing for Self Discovery

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By: LaUna Huffines
Download -- 17 Meditations -
Prerequisite: Healing with Light book and Healing with Light I and II -- suggested prerequisites
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Advanced healing techniques for healing self and others, audio and booklet
This course is created for those who have read the book (Healing Yourself with Light) and/or listened to Healing with Light I and II meditations that go with the book. You can order all these at the same time if you wish.
Mind, Soul, and Self
1. An Overview of Healing
2. Radiant Souls, Awareness of essence
3. The Self I am: Merging suns within your head
4. Who is the Self? A glimpse into the intuitive plane 
5. Mind-Soul Merging, Linking mental body, soul and Higher Self
Harmonizing Emotions
1. Chain of Emotions; Replacing the emotions that impede healing.
2. Solar-Lighted Emotions, Clearing astral illusions
3. Clearing Emotional Illusions and Glamour
4. Healing Pain, Recognizing blocks causing pain.
5. Intention and Purpose, Linking intention with thoughts
Transmitting Group Healing
1. Science of Group Healing, Cause and purpose of illness.
2. Healing from the Seven Rays, Seven rays words of power
3. Intention and Rainbow Bridge
4. The Eye of God
5. World Healing, Experiencing the power of group healing 
 Healing and Teaching
1. Radiatory Healing Instructions
2. Group Healing Sessions
3. Intention and Purpose
4. The Circle of Healers