The Lighted Path To Golden Opportunities

By: LaUna Huffines
2-1/2 hours - 10 Meditations
Prerequisite: None
The Lighted Path to Golden Opportunities

Find Your Golden Opportunities circling overhead Waiting for a place to land.

When we are searching deeply within, we are being prompted by the soul to find the next higher note for our life. A beautiful note of the Universe is being offered, and we can sense its presence. We discover this finer frequency and emerge successfully from life's most difficult journeys. Tapping into this world that vibrates to a finer note, we recognize ourselves there also and begin to link with our whole being as we realize how much creativity and power we have!

Volume 1

1: Introduction: Golden opportunities on any spiritual path are precious. They come into sight when we examine our unconscious assumptions. We use the light of the soul to recognize these assumptions, and to replace them with a finer reality. Most of us do not examine our deep beliefs when everything is going well. We reflect deeply when some reality we experience is challenged by circumstances and events. This challenge creates a fork on our path, beginning in the mind. If ignored there, the conflict works its way into our emotions. We are caught in feelings of guilt, blame, fear, anger, resentment, and all the other unpleasant emotions. You call in the illumination of the soul, and thus avoid the dis-ease working its way into the physical plane. We yearn for the still mind, the open-mindedness and the faith that creates genuine happiness and spiritual awakening.

It is at this point of choice that we demand of the soul to see more clearly in order to make the right choice. We concentrate on our highest aspirations. Our motivation changes from the pursuit of material acquisitions, of stimulating pleasures, and of praise. We set up new priorities and open to one of the many opportunities on the spiritual path. It rarely dawns upon us while we are going through this process that we are being tested by the soul itself as to how much we know and understand. Later our “sight” clears, we make the right choice that takes us forward, and we emerge victorious. The opportunities circling overhead find a place to land.

2: The Light at the Summit gives you a home base within a circle of light on top of the mountain. This can represent the light of the soul, the light of the intuitive plane, or the light of your Master or guide. It can also represent all three sources at different times. Standing in this great light gives you the illumination to examine your life, your beliefs, your relationship to yourself and to others. It helps you to formulate the shifts that open you to greater spiritual forces.

3: Spiritual Choices: Invites you to focus on the new choices that are possible in the challenging situation you are considering. This meditation offers ways to know the wise choice and to have the courage to make this choice. You investigate past major choices and the effect of these choices, as well as specific shifts that happened as a result of a choice. You look at the new sense of purpose that evolved, a greater motivation to fulfill your life purpose, and the difference in your life had you made a choice from the lesser side of yourself. You look at an impending choice looming on the horizon now. You affirm several choices that will assist you to go after the truth of a finer reality and to see yourself as the noble being that you are.

4: Empowering Yourself: You bridge the separation between yourself and the soul so that the way of intelligent love opens to you. This meditation is to help you to develop the wholeness that comes from a strong and stable connection between the mind and soul, between the emotions and the mind, and between the body and the emotions and mind. You begin to develop the ajna center as the director of your personality — body, mind, and emotions. You identify the separations that are blocking your progress and you heal these with the spotlight of the soul directed upon them.

5: One with the Light: An exercise that will be of tremendous benefit if you will do it each day. It leads you to continuity with the soul. You establish correct identity of who you are. Every time you say one of them, spiritual strength pours into you. They produce wholeness within yourself. Learn four affirmations of oneness to use as you awaken, at noon, at sunset, and as you go to bed. They take one minute each, and for those of you who decide to do them each day for one to six months, they will summon your attention on all the unexamined assumptions that keep the mind in conflict, the emotions in frustration, and the body needing more vitality.

6: Fantasy and Creativity is a superb method to break through the impasse between where you are now and where you want to be. You begin with a special breathing exercise to begin charging yourself with life energy. You learn to see and think and vision with greater clarity. This is a major key.

Volume II

 1: Linking Past, Present, and Future. 

You search for ways to light up your subconscious nature and link it with your present and to link your present with your super-conscious nature. Your subconscious nature represents the way you lived in the past. Your super-conscious nature is the way you will live in the future. You ask for this revelation to link these together with a living line of light. When you bridge these you have at-one-ment. You enter a new field of energy. The required fusions take place over time and new areas of consciousness will open up to you. The goal is to connect these together so that you can live in your super-conscious nature. You thus experience “oneness” within that changes the rhythm of your life. You develop understanding for the hardships you have gone through, free from the fears that have obstructed your path.

2: Will, Serenity, and Stability. The soul floods your heart, throat and head centers with light as your soul cooperates with you. You create a symbol that represents your soul providing the illumination you need to take the right direction and action. An exercise of re-focusing your eyes to receive the answer you need. Bringing from the Universe the quality of Will, you begin an empowering triangle. You build serenity through using magnetic spiritual forces and send it to your environment, to everyone that you know and beyond. Inhaling again, you invoke the quality of stability. Your Triangle now has three points of light. It is an actual substance that you send out over the world. Now you have a tool for making wise choices. Filling the Triangle with a silvery blue light, you shoot these three rays inward and place yourself in the center. The Triangle becomes your treasure of serenity, to carry out all that you know is a wise choice.

3: Eliminating Fears: Spend a few moments before listening to consider any fears that still linger, and how they have been obstacles to your happiness and effectiveness in the world. You practice a formula to lift yourself free from the limitations that fear holds over almost everyone. (You may also use this formula for other negative emotions.) You begin by dedicating your personality to the soul. Within a field of magnetic thought, you begin eliminating your fears.

4: Constructing the Future: Leads you into the realization of the resistance in the past of your personality to the light of your soul. You recognize how much pain this resistance has caused, even if it seemed that someone else was causing the pain. As you respond to the soul’s wider vision of your usefulness in ever expanding circles of influence, and work with the formula to eliminate fear, the fears that you have known will rapidly disappear. Every time you eliminate a fear from your energy field, bringing the spotlight of the soul to dissolve it, you are helping humanity to dissolve its fears. You begin to see that all the anger you have is the result of fear. The anguish over mistakes in the past, the conflict that you feel with others, are the effects of fear. The depression, discouragement, and despair you have suffered are the results of fear. You gain new motivation to handle each conflict as it comes up, from the right orientation, your highest center of consciousness. Free of fear, you stand amazed at how much you know, and how much influence you can wield for good. Recognizing the true nature of the tests that a conflict brings, you no longer are afraid to face these tests. You develop an awareness of the power of your spiritual group gathered with you around your Master. You awaken to all the help you have received from your spiritual/soul group.

Meditations by LaUna Huffines
Music on Volume I, Track 2 music by Michael Hammer and Karen Leitner.
Music on all other tracks by Thaddeus.

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