Color Test -- Gold Selected

You Selected Gold

Today you are drawn to the healing angels of gold who use some of the highest healing frequencies. Think of these angels regenerating your mind, sight, taste, smell, and hearing. They are among the most advanced healing agents.


The color gold will bring in the angels who help clear your mind and thoughts. They stimulate youir receptivity to higher impressions and bring illlumination to your ability to plan and organize your life. These energies (in all shades of gold) can improve your eyesight as well.

For better sight imagine the golden rays of the sun streaming into your hands and eyes. Rub your palms briskly together for a few minutes, then hold your palms close to and over your eyes. You might feel this higher frequency of energy transferring to your eyes from your hands.

You can also use this golden color to regenerate your hearing by imagining golden rays streaming through your ear canals as your palms send forth the new energy.

Also use a sheer fabric of gold over your face or lie under the sun or full spectrum light (as the Ott light) for a few minutes each week. This, too, is effective. Click Here to return to The Color Test