Color Test -- Orange Fire

You Selected Orange Fire

You are drawn to the healing angels of a golden orange color. They restore your vitality, enthusiasm, confidence, optimism, and inner strength. Experiment with the different shades of orange and gold here until you find the intensity and tone that is most energizing for you.

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These angels use orange to clear the cobweb-like, sticky substance in your etheric body which interpenetrates your physical body. This substance clogs the rejuvenating light reaching your cells. It comes from the emotional and physical environment where you live. These healers also use orange to clear your eyes, sinuses, liver, or joints from congestion. Use orange for any health challenges that emerge from a lack of energy at the base of the spine, such as prostrate, kidney, bowel, and general fatigue. If you have congestion in your lungs, bring an iridescent orange into this area. Also for regaining the sense of family with others. Take a shower of golden orange from the central courtyard of the Temple of Healing whenever you need extra energy.

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