The Divine Self in Relationships

By: LaUna Huffines
12 Meditations
Prerequisite: Bridge of Light Vol 1
The Divine Self in Relationships

Beginning with the question "Who is the Divine Self," from mind to intuition, and recognizing inspiration from the divine self, you open to the higher intuitive plane. On the path to the divine Self, the horizontal reach broadens to include a larger number of groups, as well as friends and co-workers.

After clearing the Path further, you experience vibrational healing with tuning forks.
The goal is to merge the dual life of the personality and the soul, and use this divine power to love and to serve effectively, creating harmony out of conflict, understanding out of judgment and criticism, and the inclusive spirit that includes many people. Working from heart and head, these meditations are created to build the spiritual qualities that are healing on all levels. Accepting the fact of the divine Self within, these 12 meditations provide the pathway to experience ths Divine Self within you.
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