Inviting Angels of Healing


In the approaching era of human evolution, millions will make a great jump—from living in the emotional center, with emotional energy in control and creating disease, to living from the heart of compassion where the spiritual energies of re-creating your body minute by minute are in control. This shift -- from emotional reactions of fear and struggle to the inevitable balance and serenity of universal love -- is a monumental step forward. We will then create a new civilization in which we heal each other as naturally and spontaneously as we live and breathe. This shift will finally mark the end of disease and the beginningof a completely new era.  A higher frequency of light will be brought into the human body, one that eliminates disease and illness. Joy will become the underlying keynote for humanity. Joy is the keynote of the planet earth and has been lying dormant until the evolution of humanity reaches this higher point of evolution and health. 

I warmly invite you to be among the pioneers who are creating a strong body with heightened frequencies and vitality. You can become a conscious, confident healer for your body. Reading Healing Yourself with Light, you will see ways to upgrade the cells in your bodyand set up a more vibrant energy coursing through your mind and body. You can accelerate healing and literally raise the light in your etheric body, which in turn raises the vibration of your sixty trillion cells. You can build the skills to use spiritual energy to evolve your systems and cells with higher intelligence and create a body that rejuvenates itself, in full support of your life. These skills of healing and regenerating yourself give you the courage, the power, and the freedom to do whatever has the highest value to you. 

You may already be bringing a new level of light into your life. You may have wondered why, as you work with all of this light, you have experienced illness or disease. Or, you may have had periods of being fatigued without enough vitality to be or to do what you dreamed of being or doing. No matter how spiritual or evolved one is, the first quality needed to use this life for one’s true purpose is to have a vibrancy, a wonderful physical energy that can keep up with the pace. 

This system of healing yourself with light is a gift from a teacher of a higher dimension who is dedicated to assisting those who want to move rapidly through the stages of illumination, eventually liberating themselves and others from suffering and pain. I call this teacher Jaiwa, which means the celebration of breaking through barriers. I am absolutely conscious when I focus on the pattern of light through which Jaiwa communicates to me. After much struggle with my over-educated mind which preferred to claim all the credit for these methods, I chose to honestly acknowledge my higher source. By no means does this make me special or give me any special authority. I hope that my honesty will encourage you to develop your inner reception, to purify your body and mind so that you can add light to the world in whatever form you feel most drawn to. Everyone can learn to receive from their inner teacher, their guardian angel, or other higher teacher or guide. You probably have had times when you felt embraced by a wonderful energy of light or taught by a great teacher. At turning points in your life, a wave of love so deep and powerful that it left an indelible impression in your mind may have come over you. You need not need to strive for as many years to develop spiritually as I have. You may find that it happens quite naturally as you evolve and refine your body with light.  

For the 20 years I have received, recorded, and carefully transcribed this system of healing with light, I was given new methods and ancient methods, shown how to combine them, how to make them accessible and practical rather than mystical or theoretical. My job was to test these methods until it was clear that they worked for a variety of people. I was instructed to be sure that anyone can be successful with this system—people who meditate or pray and people who simply trust their intellectual, logical, creative minds. 

We have taught these methods in classes in seminars and by audio since1988 to groups from many countries. The results have been extraordinary. These methods have proven effective. A seed group of students from the United States, Canada, and Australia participated ineveryseminar for several years, and many are now teaching this sysstem of Healing with Light. They are demonstrating how profound these changes can be! Hundreds of others have graduated from the Healing with Light training since then. The most obvious change when participants return for the next series of classes is their vibrancy; they appear younger, a benefit that I had never expected. They become dynamic and enthusiastic, claiming to feel better, sleep better, and think better. We receive countless stories from those who have witnessed these inner and outer changes. Each story is unique, describing a wide range of healing possibilities using these tools of light.

The effects of healing with light reach beyond physical health and vitality. Graduates focus on a new future. Some have created new careers on teaching people how to heal themselves. Others have begun writing books, composing music, writing poetry, and developing as excellent artists. A few of the most dramatic cases had given up in life, even though they were successful in the outer world. We have watched ordinary marriages transformed into powerful spiritual partnerships. Some students had been meditating for years. They were sincerely working on a path of light, yet they were ill when they began the course. We rejoice as these beautiful souls demonstrate the power of healing themselves with light.  

All of these people played an important part in this book. They have held a wonderful focus for this system to be made available to others. I am deeply grateful to them—and to you who are preparing to advance into greater happiness and joy as you heal yourself with light. You are making it easier for others to live a vibrant life, filled with the transformative energy that the angelic healers bring. 

How to Use this Book

You have a complete system of healing yourself in your hands that is invaluable to your dreams, your goals, and your future. You may not fully realize this rightnow, but if you take the time to absorb the principles and the methods in healing yourself with light, this system of healing can change your life—and add many healthy years to your life. 

You may enjoy reading the whole book through first and then going back to the exercises which build the basic skills to work with your soul and the angelic healers. Each chapter builds a deeper and richer contact with your soul and the angelic healers. When you work with your Inner Healer and the directors of your systems, you will have the skills to learn everything you want to know from them. 

As you begin, if you get a looseleaf or spiral bound notebook and title it My Healing Journal, you will have a safe place to make notes about the ideas and the information that comes to you as you read and take the healing journeys. Honoring what you sense from the Island of Regeneration assures that more knowledge will come.   

Taking the time to record all the ideas that come to you assures that you use the best that you receive.  Even though you do not think you will forget a wonderful insight about healing yourself, they are like dreams that disappear from the mind so quickly as you awaken. The act of writing or drawing a picture or symbol that comes to you acts as a magnet to pull in other ideas that lie just underneath the surface. Writing helps you to string these ideas together and see the brilliance and logic behind them. It is the string of ideas, like a string of beads, which form your path to outstanding health and vitality. 

You can divide this journal into four sections, Part I for the Temple of Healing, Part II for the Etheric Body, Part III for the Directors of the Systems, and Part IV for Raising Cellular Light. Information does not always come in outline form. It may filter into your mind in a non-logical manner, and by placing the information in the section or sections where it best fits, you will soon have an excellent healing manual, specifically created for your body by the angelic healers and your soul. 

Answers to questions you asked earlier may come when you least expect them—when you are taking a walk or drinking a cup of tea. You may be amazed at how much knowledge about your body and healing continues to come to you once you have created a way to organize and put these ideas into action. 

Sometimes you may suddenly recognize a habit you want to change and build a new habit in its place. When you are in this process, post the new habit in prominent places in your home. Its positive energy impresses your unconscious mind every time you see it. When you look at the new habit, you are immersing yourself in its energy, and drawing to yourself the circumstances, the people, and the information that will help this habit become a natural and spontaneous part of your life. 

To get the most out of the journeys at the end of the chapters, take time to become familiar with the steps before you take each journey. Then read the first step and close your eyes while you take that step, open your eyes slightly to read the next step and close your eyes again while you take that step. The exercises speak to your higher mind, not the rational mind, and your higher creative mind is more accessible with your eyes closed. 

One way to be able to stay on the higher planes as you go through the steps in the journeys is to record the journeys on tape and then play them back while you follow the steps. Also, Jaiwa has created two volumes of journeys which are related to each principle and skill of healing with light.  These meditations are frequently different from those in the book. Each one is about twenty minutes in length and takes you further and deeper than a written exercise can do.  For information on these audio tapes see the order form in the back of the book or simply order them on our website (see "products").

Your Solar Angel and the angelic healers are unlimited in their transformative power.  Respect everything that you receive and use it in your life. Even deeper rejuvenation is always there for you—as you integrate what you have alreadyreceived.  

Humanity is making unexpected progress in evolving their minds and bodies. You are living in the midst of the greatest transformation of the human body that has ever been done. It is happening as the angelic healers approach more closely to humanity and help them to evolve their cells and their minds so that they can hold more light. Many people are transmuting atoms and molecules in their body into those which can hold greater light. Humanity is taking heroic leaps forward by their willingness to receive and to cooperate with this opportunity that comes only once in an entire cycle of several hundred thousand years.  Many from every country are meeting in groups to heal themselves and each other through the benevolent and powerful work of the angelic kingdom. 

Higher frequencies of light and energy are flowing into this planet from the cosmic planes. They are more intense than ever before, and will continue to become brighter for many decades. As the earth’s magnetic field is charged with this higher frequency of light, you can touch a dimension of love that is energized from the Heart of the Sun in the spiritual planes, the central place of love with rays of light shining in every direction. This light carries tremendous healing power when it is used wisely. It carries an unprecedented opportunity to become all that you have dreamed of becoming; it brings a new wisdom to use in your whole life—your energy, your time, your creativity, and your money—where it will make a true difference.  

This book is for you who want to use this light to heal your physical body and simply bring it into a higher frequency of light. In this system, you will learn how healing and cellular evolution are done in the higher dimensions. You will meet and work with your soul and your Solar Angel. You will also work with other types of angelic healers to build a body that can keep up with your spiritual expansion. You will be teaching your body to respond to the spiritual stream of energy that your soul brings to you. Through these principles and step-by-step exercises, you will learn how to produce the kind of vibrant energy that raises your potential in this life.  

This system of healing could not be given until there was a group who was prepared to handle this much light. Now, many of you are responding to an inner awakening to give an entirely new kind of nourishment to your body and restructure it along finer lines of light. This call comes not as an audible voice, but as an inner challenge that tells you it is time to take charge of your life, to move into a new level of clarity, order, and purpose. Your call may come as an urge to upgrade your body and brain to be fully responsive to the higher frequencies. Or you may sense that you can free the dense particles from your body and build a more refined body. 

The purpose of this book is to offer a powerful and practical system to meet and cooperate with the angelic healers. Nothing has been held back that can make your path easier. From a special place of healing you will heal and energize your etheric body—the invisible web of golden light that surrounds your physical body. You thus make it possible for your etheric body to rejuvenate your physical body so that it is vitalized throughout your life. Working under higher direction, you are not only becoming healthy and gaining new vitality—you are raising the vibration of your entire body. You are learning to know yourself as you exist in the higher dimensions so that you can put all your energy into that which is most important to you without interruptions from your body.  When the stream of spiritual energy grows stronger, you are clearing all obstructions to permit this higher light to reach every part of your body.  

Healing of the future will be based on light, vibration, color, and sound. It will attempt to correct the originating cause of a disease rather to erase its symptoms. Even today, medical science is at the threshold of discovering these unseen healing energies. The twenty-first century has already produced ways to heal with laser light. More is coming, however it is reflecting on the outside the more complex inner shifts that many have made using spiritual energies to revitalize and heal themselves. Color and sound will be increasingly used scientifically as agents of healing. Eventually these methods of helaing (and many more) with light, color, and sound will be available to everyone. Scientists already are studying how the physical body responds to different colors to discover why color and vibration are such effective healing agents. Imagine, if today it takes about five minutes to restore excellent eyesight to a patient with a laser instrument, to re-create the correct curve of the lens, and other surgical repairs, then what other amazing miracles are ahead!

The true source of all permanent healing will remain the same—it is through divine assistance steadily transforming the physical body into a body of more evolved atoms which are immune to disease. Those who want to evolve their bodies and heal themselves with angelic assistance will learn how to use light and color and sound as they strengthen the connection between the angelic evolution and the human evolution. These pioneers are opening the door between these two evolutions as they experiment with these methods of healing. The purpose of the angelic healers is to help humanity to create a much more vitalized and healthy body, and this purpose can only be fulfilled as those with an open mind and heart experience the power of color, vibration, and sound as it is used by the angelic healers. 

This dramatic transformation is possible because the vast creative intelligence of life is opening this planet to a greater intensity of energy than ever before. We call this creative being “love,” or we call it “light” or “God” because we don’t have any words that can enfold its magnitude. In the past these higher frequencies have been carefully shielded to protect humanity from receiving light which was too intense for the body. Now some of these shields are being lifted. As these powerful spiritual energies move closer to humanity, they bring building blocks of a finer subatomic substance to those who want to create a body of greater vitality and longevity. This finer substance builds resistance to disease. It raises cellular light and rejuvenates the body. 

Evolved souls are especially sensitive to the radian tlight flowing into the planet. It seems as if it is even more challenging to unevolved people who are going through so many crises and challenges without any understanding of what is happening and without the spiritual tools to create the body that can handle the more intense light. It is your skill in handling the light that determines how high you go. It determines how far you can progress on your path, how much higher joy and love you can handle. As you evolve your body, you become more responsive to this light and even greater opportunities open before you. You may or may not be meditating; either way you could be far more sensitive to finer frequencies of light than others. You may have suffered because you did not realize the importance of upgrading your body to keep up with the increasing light. Or, you didn’t know how to build receptors at the cellular level that can handle this light. 

Opportunity also means change and challenge. Those who hold on to the old ways will go through unnecessary struggle and illness. Old life styles, old ways of thinking and feeling, old ways of using the body—all that is not in harmony with light -- will create conflict and struggle.  

All parts of your life are affected when spiritual energies are flowing into your life. You can learn to build energy circuits that vitalize your body and make it resistant to disease.  You can develop the ability to get well and to stay well, to detect subtle imbalances and prevent illnesses that are just beginning. The radiant light can move freely through your energy circuits, clearing areas that were blocked from receiving the energetic charge your cells needed. As your cells receive this energy, they are transmuted. These spiritual energies clear the obstructions that have limited your energy. Each channel then grows stronger as magnetic currents flow into your cells. The transformation of your body makes it possible for you to ascend into higher spiritual planes.  

You will discover that there is a divine order in creating a healing harmony within yourself. When solar light circulates through your energy field it may first open your mind to new priorities. Or it may first heal an emotion that has been blocking light. Many have found that the area they focused on was not always the next healing that occurred. If someone decides to heal his eyes, for example, he may discover that his digestion improves first. Or perhaps his digestion improves only after his fears are calmed. Students try not to create expectations about changes, but when expectations do creep in, they discover that the divine order of regeneration is frequently beyond the wisdom of the personality. 

In this system you are not simply working with mental or emotional energy. Healing is not brought about by thinking health or by affirming divinity or by eliminating errors in the way you think. The changes are not the result of self-hypnotism, hiding from problems, or suppressing symptoms. The healing and rejuvenation you experience are the results of working in the higher dimensions with highly evolved, invisible healers who will direct streams of light and color into your body. They will bring a new substance to develop better channels for the spiritual energy flowing into you to reach every part of your body. 

In Part I, you awaken to your higher healing power and learn how to identify the angelic healers.  You go to the Island of Regeneration to begin your journey of healing and rejuvenation.  (You can view the island as a place in your higher mind or as an actual place on a higher dimension.)

In Part II you go to your Temple of Healing and meet your Solar Angel and soul. You go into all sevenhealing rooms of the temple, the rooms of Inner Stillness, Light, Sound, Color, Love, Images, and Wisdom (where you meet your Inner Healer).  In each room you learn how to cooperate with the angelic healers to evolve and heal your body so it can handle more light. In Part III, Healing Your Etheric Body, you practice clearing and vitalizing this energetic body that exists in and around your physical body. You create and energize a new blueprint to build a body that can handle more light, emotions that are calm, and a mind that is a clear receiver of your soul’s energy and guidance. 

In Part IV you meet and work with the directors of your systems and glands to bring this blueprint into your body. The journeys at the end of the chapters provide you with simple and practical ways to make these higher connections and to collaborate with your directors to heal your body. You put into practice what you learn. Each experience is designed to increase the success of your directors’ work.

Part V, Becoming Younger, shows you how to change programs for aging into programs of rejuvenation, and to raise the light in your cells. You learn how to use an illness to evolve your body, how to reverse damage that has developed from the past, to reverse an injury by acting immediately, and which choices keep you young. You create and play with a meter that shows you how strong your higher will to heal and evolve yourself is, and how to raise the will that helps you to succeed.    

The only way to know the power of this system is to decide on a whole-hearted approach. Ahalf-hearted effort inhibits and limits changes. A full-fledged effort inevitably brings results—and these results can be permanent. They generate changes in other areas of your life. Even a small change is a catalyst for other shifts, just as a pinch of yeast added to dough causes it to rise and become lighter.            

You cannot be too young or too old to receive great benefit from these methods. It isn’t a matter of deserving or not deserving to be healed; it is a matter of learning how to draw into your life what your body needs to support you in creating a wonderful life that fulfills your highest vision and purpose. 

Part I: The Angelic Healers

About Part I

In Part I you see the benefits of healing your body,evolving your body, raising the light in your cells.   You get a sense of how you can heighten the frequency of yourphysical body and thus be able to reach and to use greater intensities of lightfrom the higher dimensions.   You learnwho the angelic healers are and what their work is in healing and evolving yourbody.   You get a sense of what yourSolar Angel does, the angel who has always been with you and who will stay withyou throughout your earth adventures. Then you are taken to the Island of Regeneration where you find a place ofpurity and peace and prepare to meet your soul and Solar Angel in the Temple ofHealing.  

 Chapter  I

Awakeningto Higher Healing Power 

            In the higher dimensions is a great healing power, thepower to create a higher order of harmony and balance which resists physicaldisease and emotional disharmony. 

             As you walk onyour path, your body goes through many adjustments to the higher light flowinginto you.  If you go through a period ofillness, you can use any disease or physical disability as an ally and apractice in healing yourself with light. When you heal an illness with the angelic healers, all the systems inyour body benefit.  They are upgradedand purified.  Many times your body isfine, with only minor physical complaints, yet you realize that you can moveforward on your path only as you raise the light in your body.  

            Whenyou work with the angelic healers to bring thecellular light of your cells to a higher note, you are responding to apart ofyourself that exists beyond the body—and will continue to exist whenthe body isno longer needed.  It is the part thatwatches your birth into this world.  Itwatches you go through childhood and teenage years.   Itwatches as you became an adult.  It exists independently of thedrama of your life— alwaysobserving, always silent.  You may havesensed this silent watcher in the space between thoughts, or justbeforefalling asleep.  ”

            The silent watcher is the true source of your lifehere.   It belongs to the universalmind, to the universal heart of God.  Itdoes not belong to or identify with the physical world as you, yet it is everpresent with you.   You carry it’sguiding energy within the center of your being.  It seeded you; it watches you growing, learning, developinghigher consciousness, expanding the reach of your higher mind.  It is conscious of your agony and yourecstasy.  This silent watcher does nothide from you.   You sense it moreclearly when you focus on it even though it has no form or body as youhave. 

            Thiswatcher waits for you to build a bridge of light, abridge that links you with your soul. Only you can build thisbridge.  You build it by sending a line of energy from yourheart to the centerof wisdom and love.  When your bridge iscomplete, your soul will become the closest companion you can everhave.  This companionship dissolves the lonelinessand feelings of isolation that many who are awakening haveexperienced.  Your soul reaches down to you and you reachup to it to build this connection.  Youcan only reach the soul when it turns away from the greater light thatsourcedit and focuses its energy on you.  Itcan only reach you when you build a bridge of light to it from yourside.   (Book I, Bridge of Light, helps you toreach your soul and to draw many of its qualities into your life. )

            Bystrengthening your higher will, you will not need tostand back and ask for so little in the Temple of Healing.  Fewpeople ask for as much as five percentof the healing and regeneration that is available for them.  We never interfere with your free will.   You must ask beforeyou receive and then doall that you can to cooperate with.  This is a cosmic lawwhich the guides and teachers of humanity neverbreak.  When you energize the picturesof your highest role in this life, you draw the assistance to make yourpictures come true.  You then make allthe provisions which assure your success. 

            The following journey builds a finer quality of courageto ask for assistance in evolving your body and cells. 


Opening to Receive


1.  Take time to get comfortable and relaxed.  Release the day’s concerns and any sense ofrush.  Allow your breath to be fullyexhaled, and after a brief pause, allow your breath to come in with its ownnatural force.  

2.  Focus on the energy that opens your heart, the energy you feelwhen you love and trust someone deeply. 

3.  Think of a time when you dared to imagine you could havesomething that had great value to you, and that you later received. 

4.  Imagine that you also can have a body that is healthy, vitalized,and rejuvenated.   Imagine that yourbody can evolve to hold more light. 

5.  Imagine how your life could be different if you had a veryhealthy, refined, and purified body.  Think about where you would put your time and energy.  

6.  Decide that you are willing to do all you can to heal and evolveyour physical body as you work with the angelic healers, even if you don’t yetknow what that might be.  

7.  Give permission to receive from the angelic healers as you readand experience the journeys in this book. Decide to create opportunities for the angelic healers to work with youand to work with them to regenerate and rejuvenate your physical body withlight.  

8.  This is a good time to make your first healing journal entry bydescribing the best life you could have with a body filled with light.  



TheIsland of Regeneration


            On the Island of Regeneration you set the space to joinyour Solar angel, your soul, and the angelic healers.  You can start building a connection to the genius and love ofyour soul, sensing its charge of energy flowing through your body.  You reach the Island of Regeneration byinvitation only.   The only way to findit is to be taken there.  It is a sacredplace to meet your angel and work with the angel to heal your body and raisethe light in your cells.  Trees andflowers are bountiful.   The air and thewater are totally pure.  The island isinvisible to the human eyes.  Itsvibration is too rapid to create density and mass.  It is shielded with strong forces of light which surround andprotect it from the merely curious—those who would come without a sinceredesire to change.  All who are sincerein heart and mind will be taken straight to the island and welcomed here.  

Beginning Your Healing Partnership

            The Island of Regeneration is the starting place to enjoythe greatest healing partnership with the angelic kingdom that you could everenter into.  Think of this island as asacred place to prepare your body to handle more light.  The atmosphere is clear of dense thoughtforms, emotions, or toxins of any kind. While you are here,  yourphysical body can harmonize with these frequencies.  A powerful energy permeates you, unfolding the beauty of yourwhole being, petal by petal, just as the petals of a flower unfold in thesunlight. 

            You can restructure your body on the Island ofRegeneration.  Anything ispossible.  Whatever healing youvisualize on the island can happen.  Asyour will to upgrade your body and raise your cellular vibration becomesfocused and strong, you are assisted again and again to transform your cellsand systems to handle all the light flowing into you.  Each journey to the island creates another step in thisregeneration.  

Honoring Your Sacred Space

            The angelichealers here see your future as a shining beacon of light in theworld.             Theyare all working closely together here, using light, vibration andsound,brilliant colors, divine love, and images. The angels refuse noone who is brought here.  Their compassion is without limits, asthey help your soul tovitalize your life force to heal and evolve your body.   Youmay not be aware of their presence atfirst, but your soul, your higher mind, even your cells willknow. 

            Cometo the Island of Regeneration from your wholehearteddesire to create a body that radiates with vitality, a body that is agoodinstrument for the soul to express its higher purpose.  Thesechanges are given as a free gift.   To receive these gifts intheir fullmeasure, make an inner commitment that you will honor the healingwisdom youdiscover.  Your will to raise yourcellular vibration will determine your decision to go on thisjourney.   Your deep desire to bring more light into yourbody, to create a strong, healthy, vitalized body sends the signal tobe pickedup and brought to the island.  You donot need to know how, or even where to begin. You will be treatedas an honored guest who is here by invitation,learning to see and hear on the subtle planes of reality.  Promise to explore any ideas that come toyou and take action on the ideas that your mind agrees are the mosthelpful.  

             It is time tobegin your journey to the island.   Makean inner commitment that you are ready to learn how to handle a new level oflight.   As you bring your consciousnessto this radiant center of healing, you are also leading the way for manyevolved souls who will soon follow—and learn to set up healing contacts withangelic beings.  Your own friends andfamily will be among the first to benefit from the changes you make here. 

 A Journey to the Island ofRegeneration

           Imagine yourself standing at theedge of a sandy shore beside the ocean. Send out the thought thatyou are ready to learn how to use light forhealing and regenerating your cells. Watch for a boat to appear onthe horizon in response to yourrequest.             Asyou watch for the boat, set aside beliefs about howhealing happens.  It is not necessary toknow how it will happen, only to realize that you can only be healed ifyou askand are open to receive and to cooperate with the angelichealers.  Make a deliberate choice to be open, settingaside questions about what lies ahead of you on this island.  Letgo of any expectations and enter theisland in a spirit of freedom.  Simplyenjoy the adventure that awaits you. 

            In your mind’s eye, imagine a boatappearing far out in the horizon.  Itmoves toward you.  As it comes closer,two figures wave to you.  The boatreaches the shore, and two beings greet you in a warm spirit, calling you byname.  They know why you are here andhow to get you to the island.  Step intothe boat, lean back and relax.   Feelthe wind on your face, confident of your destination.  The ride is fast and smooth; your boat is traveling just abovethe surface of the water.  As you reachthe island and dock the boat, your hosts go with you.   Step onto the grass and fill your lungs with the fragrantair. 

            Youare moving into frequencies oflight to bring you into harmony with nature.  The entireisland is filled with vast fields of flowers.  Red, orange, andyellow flowers are intiers, terraces that stretch as far as you can see.  Walk amongthese fields of flowers.  There is a perfect balance of sunlight,moisture and rich soil sothat every plant grows to its full elegance and color.  Every inchof ground is cultivated forbeauty.  The flowers grow naturally inperfect harmony with the earth and the temple.   Explore thegardens and see if you can recognize some fragrancesor taste the essence of a flower.   Letyourself be in harmony with the plants, the meadow, and theflowers.   

            A mountain river of fresh rainwaterruns through the island and cascades into a great waterfall.  You can almost smell the fresh water as itflows over the falls.  The waterfall ischarging the atmosphere with the electrical balance that accelerateshealing.  Breathe deeply until you feela tinge of exhilaration.  Beneath thewaterfall is a large pool of crystal clear water.  Stand beside the waterfall and bring the purifying energy of thewaterfall to your cells as you breathe. Become aware of the angelic healers near the waterfall and in thegardens among the flowers.  They arehere to empower you to receive more light and love.   They are here to evolve and heal your body so that it canreceive and integrate greater light. 

            Listen to the sound of green budsbursting out of the ground, robins building their nests, swallows glidingthrough the air.  Notice the beauty ofone especially radiant flower here, its face to the sun, a gentle breeze movingit ever so slightly.  Watch as itspetals open.  Turn your face toward thesun as an opening blossom faces the sun and become a human flower, opening outto the rays of the sun. 

            The angelic presence on this islandadds sparkle to the air and to everything on the island.  It creates tremendous beauty, colors,fragrances, and music.  Linger in theforest of trees, the garden of herbs, and the garden of flowers.  Stand near the waterfall or walk beside thelake below it.  Make all of these imagesvivid in your mind so that you can visualize them anytime during the day.  They give you psychic energy and stimulateregeneration in your body, in your mind, and your emotions. 

            Follow the path to the Temple ofHealing where you will meet your soul and become aware of the presence of yourSolar Angel. 




           Angelic healers are masterarchitects of creating beautiful forms through vibration andcolor.   The highly evolved angels work from thehigher dimensions and use laws that supersede the physical laws of theearthplane to evolve and strengthen the physical and emotional body ofhumans.   Their evolution includes great masterangels, the Archangels, who are acknowledged and described in almostallreligions.             Withthe blessing of the Archangels, the highly evolvedangels are drawing closer to humanity to heal and to teach.  Some of the angels have been through thefull evolution of being human, and they are now working in the angelicevolution which is parallel to the human evolution.  One of themajor differences in these two evolutions is the senseof separation.   In the human evolutionmuch suffering stems from the illusion of being separate from the soul,fromspirit, from God, and from others.  Inthe angelic evolution there is no such illusion; they work as a groupwithgroup awareness.  The highly evolvedangels work side by side with the Archangels who are the Great Mastersof theangelic kingdom.   There is no selfishpurpose, no fear, no shadow side, no resistance to higherevolution.  Even with distinctive individualconsciousness, the highly evolved angels blend their energy with theirgroup.  

            Angelic healers evolve throughserving the plan of evolution.   Theydepend upon human evolution for their own evolution.   Their consciousness is completely immersed in servinghumanity.   They work in relationship tothe whole planetary purpose.   They cannever be used for selfish desires, yet they are always available when the callto them is for the purpose of being healed so you can manifest more light inthe world. 

            The highly evolved angelic beingsassist humanity to dissolve the illusion of separateness from spirit which isthe deeper cause behind all disease.  Using healing and teaching methods the angels are now drawing closer tohumanity to teach how to build the perfected body which is resistant to alldisease.  They use color and sound tohelp restructure the human body so that it does not age so rapidly.   They are drawn to you by magnetic currentsthat are set in motion as you build a bridge to your soul and make contact withit—and they work with you to assist you when you ask for help in creating abody that can handle more light. 

            The angels are not tied to space ortime.  They have a body of light ratherthan a dense physical body made of the minerals of the earth as the humanbody.  Because the angelic body filterslight with transparent colors and patterns, it is sometimes possible to seeangels as shining beings, however their body is not truly physical.  They create an apparently human body whenneeded—and occasionally work through an evolved soul with a physical body toget you out of an emergency or life-death situation.  They are more likely to use a body that only appears to bephysical.  Even then, this body may beapparent for a split second, and usually it is visible to one or two people whohave briefly entered a higher plane of vision.  

            Angelic healing is profound!  Thehighly evolved angels are the healers for human kingdom.  Theyweave with light and color and soundto  regenerate and rebuild at thecellular level.  You may not fullyunderstand how the angels heal, but your heart knows.   Longbefore your mind can fully accept the reality of theangelic world, your heart knowledge senses the angels as powerfulagents forpure spiritual energies.  Ask your heartwhat it knows about the angelic beings and trust its response. Heart knowledge is straight knowledge.  It has not been influencedby the prevailingbeliefs of this age.   As you work withthese angelic healers, your mind listens to your heart.  When bothyour heart and your mind desire towork with these highly evolved angelic workers, the doors open and anextraordinary opportunity stands before you. 

            Asyou learn how to work with theangelic healers you can build light into every system, tissue, andcell.   The angels cannot slow their vibratory rateto come to you; it is up to you to shift your vibration to reachthem.  You will be learning how to make thiscontact in the following chapters.  Thecontact is the first step in working with the angelic healers. You will also learn how to maintain the workthat they will do with you, how to cooperate with the angelicrebuilding ofyour subtle energy body, and how to develop the centers of energy inthis bodythat will revitalize your physical body. You will learn what partsof your life are not yet in line with yourhigher evolutionary purpose, where the points of separation are whichlimityour ability to build a finer spiritual body and a finer physicalbody.  Youwill learn how to set magnetic currents in motion to bring to yourselfthesubatomic building blocks of light which the angels provide. These tiny particles of light will activatethe codes in the center of your cells to transform your body. This light also stimulates your mind toreceive and use knowledge from the spiritual planes.  You becomeseeded with light and graced with love.        

            Theangels are here, not merely tobring your body back to “normal”— but to go beyond normal to bring youa finerquality of cells than you had at birth.  They recognize thedesire of your united heart and mind, and they aredrawn to you to make this possible. Their presence evolves you andyour body.  The moments when you are receiving assistance fromthese angelichealers are full of delight.  And yetthese moments are also serious and transformative when the angelichealerstouch your mind, your heart, or your body, and bring abouthealings.  Their work enables you to focus more clearlyand to build a body that supports the high energy needed to fulfillyour soul’spurpose.   Your relationship to theangelic healers energizes your soul and it energizes you.  It is a transforming relationship, becomingricher with each contact. 

            The angels can send waves of spirituallove to you—not love as it is known in the human evolution, but a spiritualforce that heals disease and dissolves illusions of separateness.  The angels know exactly how intense thesewaves should be to have the right effect for healing and for cellularevolution.   At times you may sensethese currents as gentle.  At othertimes they seem like strong, forceful waves of energy flowing through you.  

            Asthe angelic healers move closerto the physical plane now to share their knowledge and healing powerwithhumanity, they can heal pain, sorrow, suffering, and illness or diseaseonevery level.  They see what kind ofhealing and regenerating is needed.  This information is inwhat we will call your energy field.  It consists of the subtleenergy that isaround your body.  This energy is notcondensed into dense matter as your physical body and is not usuallyvisible.  You can feel it by placingyour palm a few inches out from your heart and slowly drawing it closerto yourbody.  You know how far out it extendswhen someone stands inside of your energy field.  This energy isvery fluid and changes from moment to moment asothers come into your energy field or as your own thoughts and emotionsshift. 

            The angelic healers can read yourenergy field and see which of the higher colors and vibedrations are missing oroff key.  They then select the preciseshades of color and the sounds that will most rapidly regenerate and healyou.   Using these vibrations theyprovide the subatomic particles of finer matter that fills in what ismissing.  Next, they weave thesebeautiful translucent patterns and colors into your energy field according toyour capacity to receive.   Since theseangels are the embodiment of beauty on the spiritual planes, you become beautifulin the most profound meaning of this word as you continue to work with theangels. 

You can experience and work with many types of angelic healers. 

           Different groups of angelic healers work with differentaspects of  light.   They bring beautiful colors,sounds, andpatterns of light to create vibrant and beautiful forms.  In eachcase they facilitate the cosmic planof higher evolution for their group.  Less evolved angelsfurnish the subtle substance for other living forms,such as trees, plants, and flowers. Even the sweet perfume offlowers is a direct gift of the angels whowork with the vegetable kingdom.  Flower, herbal, and manyhomeopathic healing remedies are gifts tohumanity from different angels.  In thisbook we will describe and help you to connect with the most highlyevolved ofthe angels who work solely with human evolution.   Theseangels are gold and white.  They will bring other angelic workersto assist you whose colorsare rose, blue, green, violet, and yellow. 

            TheSolar angels are the highest evolved of all theangels who work with the human evolution. They work directly withyour soul. Their colors are white and gold. The Solar angelsare attracted to you when you are consciously creatingyour path of light.   Your Solar angelweaves your spiritual body and directs all the other healing angels toassistin upgrading your physical body, your emotional body, and your mentalbody to afiner frequency of light and energy.  You will meet yourSolar angel in the first room of the Temple ofHealing, the Room of Inner Stillness. 

            The angels of a blue color provide a protective mist ofblue that surrounds all those who are working to build love and light on theplanet.  Much of their work alsoinvolves rebuilding diseased or damaged tissues through sound andvibration.  You will work with theseangels in the third room of the Temple of Healing, the Room of Sound. 

           Violet angels build vitality into your body from theenergy of the earth as well as from spiritual planes.  Using earthenergy they assist in vitalizing your physical energywhich surrounds your actual physical body. They also are importanthealers for the physical body.  If you are fatigued and have lowenergy, ifyou are prone to catch colds and other respiratory diseases, the violetangelsare your healers.  Your Solar Angelcalls these angels to you in the fourth room of the Temple of Healing,the Roomof Colors.  

            Angels of divine love bring healing energy to youremotional body.   They are representedby the rose color on the cover.   Thesehighly evolved angels give freely from love that has no restrictions orlimits.  They are the essence of love,pointing you toward the greater light that birthed your soul.  Since these angels are composed of asubstance made from essence love, they can only act in ways that areunconditionally loving.  You will meetand work with these angels in the fifth room of the Temple of Healing, the Roomof Love. 

            Angelic healers of a clear and soft shade of green bringconflict into harmony.   Their workincludes all levels of solving conflict between spirit and matter.   They help dissolve conflicts that separatethe personality from the soul and the effects of these conflicts that havesettled in the physical body and its cells.  You will meet these angels in the Room of Images, the sixth room in theTemple of Healing. 

            The angels of a soft, pure yellow color use theirknowledge and skill to assist in building, reconstructing, and healing yourmind and nervous system so that they are excellent receivers for yoursoul.  These angels help your mind sendyour soul’s message to your brain.  Youwill work with them in the Room of the Inner Healer, the seventh room in theTemple of Healing. 

            All the angels described above are angelic healers whowork on the side of evolution. 

Recognizing Moments of Angelic Protection

            You may have known the healing angels in anemergency.  When time seems to stop andyou are aware of what to do to get yourself out of a life-death situation, agroup of angels may save your life even if you do not consciously recognizetheir presence.  In a fraction of asecond you may be lifted out of a potential life-death situation, or be takenout of time and suspended in air to prevent an accident.  Rarely do you have any idea that this ishappening; it feels like you are making brilliant decisions that are all theright moves.  You feel inspired andclear headed when only a moment before you had no idea what to do.  Or you make a split second decision to run,to jump, or abruptly turn around that later shows you were sensing events thatwere about to take place.   The angelfrequently takes action a millisecond before the event that would have takenplace.  

            Theyfrequently put new ideas into your mind when you feeltrapped in a situation or an illness and can see no wayout.   Think of a time when you were really low orsick and suddenly you were able to turn things around—as if somethingchangedwithin you and you knew what to do. This is the work of theangelic healers.  They leave you with free will to choose (freewill is the basisof the human evolution) yet they offer you choices that you didn’trecognizebefore.   They open a higher way out ofan entanglement or an illness. 

Angelic Beings Work through the Heart

            One graduate of the healing with light course was highlyeducated and somewhat intellectual when he began the course.  He wanted to relate and connect with people,yet his heart was unresponsive even when people reached out to him.  He said the right words and had a graciousmanner, yet the open-hearted joy of connecting from the heart was missing inhis life.  He worked with the angelichealers and asked specifically to learn how to establish warm connections withothers.  Dramatic changes took placealmost immediately.  When he went to hisTemple of Healing his Solar Angel surrounded him with gold day after day; hecould see the gold light all around him when he closed his eyes, even after heleft the temple.  He could feel thedifference as his heart became more radiant; others responded to him withfriendship as his heart opened to include them.  Deep and powerful love continues to emerge in this man as aresult of asking for what he wanted, sitting to receive the healing, andconsciously accepting every opportunity that was brought to him to reach outfrom his heart with love. 

Angelic Healers Aid in a Crisis

            The daughter of a student needed eye surgery after anaccident and the whole family was extremely anxious as the surgeon gave themlittle hope to save her eye.   Thefamily linked together and called for help from the angelic healers and whenthe time came for the surgery, the eye was already healing dramatically, and nosurgery was necessary.  

Angelic Healers as Awakeners

            Theangel sometimes works while you sleep.  An eighty year-old womanwas awakened in themiddle of the night when “lightning” struck her just above and betweenhereyes.  She was so startled when it “hit”her that she jumped up from a sound sleep to close the windows from thestorm.  Suddenly she realized there wasno storm.  The sky was clear, blinkinglights of stars everywhere.  Thebrilliant flash of light had to come from another kind of electricfire.   She then realized that her Guardian angelhad come to awaken her ability to sense her divine self.  These angels can send you a charge of lifeenergy when you least expect it—or awaken you when you have forgottenthat youhave the right to create a wonderful life. The angel’s mission isto guide and assist you to evolve.  

Angelic Healers Work VeryRapidly

            A group of three, two women and a man, called on theangelic healers to help one of them.  Ashrill continuous ringing was in his head as a result of a scuba divingaccident in deep water.   The doctorshad told him there was nothing that could ever be done, yet the noise wasbeginning to affect the man’s life and interfere with his thinking.  One of the women was clairvoyant and couldsee the tiny workers who came.  Theyworked very rapidly as if they were cutting and sewing and then they weregone.  The ringing became softerimmediately and changed its shrill tone to a softer, lower, and more pleasingtone.   The angels were able to producethese changes because all three of this group had learned to align with angelicpurpose and draw angelic help to them. In later sessions the angels have softened the ringing in his ear evenmore until now it is hardly noticeable. 

* When to Call on the Angelic Healers


Exploringthe Temple of Healing

            Youwill go to the Temple of Healing where you willconnect with your soul and Solar Angel. You will take a shower ofcolors in the courtyard of the temple and theninto the temple to receive healing energy from the angelichealers.  Your healing begins with innerstillness.  You continue healing withSolar light, love, color, the Inner Healer, images, and  sound. You will meet and form a triangle of light Solar Angel withyour souland Solar angel who bring the angelic healers to you who come in onstreams ofcolor and work with sound and color to bring your body into aheightenedfrequency of light and vibrancy.  TheInner Healer gives you practical ways to handle the light that isstreaminginto your body.  

The Temple of Healing

The Temple ofHealing is at the top of a great mountain in the center of the Island ofRegeneration. Highly energized withbillions of tiny photons of angelic light and color, the temple is the mostbeautiful place you can imagine. Thistemple is a sacred place dedicated to bringing humans and angels together  The Temple of Healing is here to make itpossible for the angelic healers to assist humanity to create a much finer andmore refined body, emotions, and mind. Your imagination does not “create” the temple; it already exists andwaits for you. Your imagination opensdoors that have been invisible until now so that you can find the temple anduse it as your sanctuary. If youprefer to think of the Temple of Healing as a metaphor, simply think of it as apure and divine place for healing that exists in your mind. The more frequently you come to this temple,the more easily and quickly the angels can regenerate your body. 

            In ancient times spiritual masters directed theconstruction of Healing Temples on the physical plane.  The masters have attained total liberationfrom the physical plane, yet have chosen at great sacrifice to assist humanityto evolve more rapidly.  They have beenthrough every stage of humanity’s school of evolution and have learned to usethe laws of cosmic energy as a science. Using their knowledge of geometrical shapes, forms, color, and sound,they planned these temples with sacred geometry and taught healing with lightto advanced members of the race.  TodayTemples of Healing are mostly found on the subtle planes of the higherdimension.  They are available to all ofthose who raise their vibration enough to find them.  If you come with a sincere heart to make your life all that itcan be, you can be taken to your Temple of Healing.           

When you want more light and love in your life, and movetoward that vision, it is important to bring your physical body to ahigherlevel at the same time.  Your cells needupgrading as you go through each step of transformation.  In theTemple of Healing your denser cellscan be replaced by cells that carry a finer vibration. You can heal andregenerate areas of yourbody that you may not have known needed regenerating as well as thoseareas youare aware of.  You can build in moreintelligent and light-filled cells from each room.  You may have adramatic experience the first time you go into theTemple, or you may simply feel serene and at peace as you receive theenergy inthe Temple. Or, you may feel nodifference at all.  It does not matterwhat form your experience takes; changes in your energy field arehappening. They happen as soon as youstep inside the first room of your Temple.Every change will take youfurther in regenerating your body.  ou can’t consciously perceiveeach changeas it happens—subtle chemical, hormonal, enzyme, and glandular shifts,forexample—but each one is restoring your cells and adding light tothem.  

Your temple is filled with different aspects of Solarlight and angelic healers.  The firstaspect of light reaches you through a deep inner stillness.  It comes in the form of your SolarAngel.  The next frequency of light isSolar Light which brings you and your soul together. Your Solar Angel and soul work together to bring the angelichealers to you.  

The Angels of Divine Love comeas the energy in the temple shifts to divine love.  They bring youa new sense of being loved.  They open your heart to be healedthroughthe power of spiritual love. 

Next, the energy in the templeshifts so that all the colors are shining in to open the pathway for thehealing angels of every color.You thenwork with your Inner Healer who is the master intelligence or director whocoordinates the work of all your systems. Your Inner Healer is the agent of communication between the your mindand the angelic healers and gives you practical suggestions for healing andevolving your body. The Inner Healeris the frequency of your soul that is closest to the earth plane. Next your Solar Angel and soul teach youabout sound and vibration in healing.You learn your soul’s note, and begin to recognize the vibrations of thenext groups of angelic healers, those of the blue, green, and the angelic healers whoyour soul’s note and practice your own healing sound. Then you create new images for your future body with your souland Inner Healer.  

            As you work with the healing angels, they establishthousands of lines of healing light to you. When you are in the temple, yourangel imprints patterns of light to raise your cellular vibration. These linesof light create new connections between all the dimensions of your being. Theyrebuild your body, not simply by restoring weak areas, but by building morelight into your cells. 

            Enjoy the sense of timelessness in this temple and trustthat all healing will happen perfectly in just the right timing. Let yourselfexperience its magnetic healing energy. It steadies your heartbeat and restores a sense of play in life. Theserenity here  builds an inner smilefrom a deep place of peace. The healing will continue for years, long after youare in the temple. 

            When her fourteen year-old son, Jeremy, was in a veryserious bicycle accident, Jill Marks of Minneapolis used the Temple of Healingto create some impressive healing miracles. The doctors thought Jeremy mightnever walk or talk again, his brain injury was so severe.  She worked closely with the medicalcommunity—and she brought in her Solar Angel and the healing angels to assistin the healing.  Jill realized that ifher well-meaning friends held a hopeless picture for Jeremy, her son, theirpictures would interfere with the healing that the doctors and the angelichealers working together could bring forth, so she sent out word on how tohelp.

Many friends called to helpand Jill set up a voice mail message with an update each day on his condition.She taught them how to release all negative pictures and anxiety about Jeremy,and to visualize light around her son. She told them how to use clear colors toassist.  She explained that they couldsupport what his Higher Self wants, but not to impose their own pictures ofwhat that should be. She put messages on her voice mail of how to create thelight-filled pictures that helped to empower her son’s own soul.  Friends of friends found out about the voicemail and even though they didn’t know Jeremy, they called and added theirlight.

Jeremy listened again andagain to one specific meditation on the Healing with Light audio volume.  Jill listened to many different ones as shebrought the light and love of the soul to flow through her.  Five months after the accident, Jeremy beganto walk, talk, and catch up in every school subject.  He returned to school with all his higher cognitive functionsrapidly healing. His miracle of healing spread and affected everyone. The townwitnessed his amazing recovery and realized that these healing miracles areavailable to all of us.

Jill is a psychotherapist whoworks through a traditional hospital-based agency, yet Jill has always knownshe is a teacher and healer, but she kept her spiritual training a secret untilthe accident happened.  Now she issharing her secret with all the doctors and staff who worked with her son, andwith all of those who took part on the inner planes. She has now taught thesemethods of healing to many people. Everyone involved is transformed in some way. 

You can work in your Temple ofHealing from an area in your home, even a corner of a room. Mark it off as yourprivate place to go to your temple. By using the same physical location, theangelic forces and your soul gradually build a golden web of light around thisarea.  This build up of essence lightbecomes so powerful that you can make connection with your soul as soon as youclose your eyes.  The same location willbe of assistance in deepening your spiritual connections.

 A Journey to the Island ofRegeneration

            Imagine yourself standing at theedge of a sandy shore beside the ocean. Send out the thought that you are ready to learn how to use light forhealing and regenerating your cells. Watch for a boat to appear on the horizonin response to your request.  As youwatch for the boat, set aside beliefs about how healing happens. It is notnecessary to know how it will happen, only to realize that you can only behealed if you ask and are open to receive and to cooperate with the angelichealers.  Make a deliberate choice to beopen, setting aside questions about what lies ahead of you on this island.  Let go of any expectations and enter theisland in a spirit of freedom.  Simplyenjoy the adventure that awaits you. 

            Inyour mind’s eye, imagine a boatappearing far out in the horizon.  Itmoves toward you.  As it comes closer,two figures wave to you.  The boatreaches the shore, and two beings greet you in a warm spirit, callingyou byname.  They know why you are here andhow to get you to the island.  Step intothe boat, lean back and relax.   Feelthe wind on your face, confident of your destination.  The ride isfast and smooth; your boat is traveling just abovethe surface of the water.  As you reachthe island and dock the boat, your hosts go with you.   Steponto the grass and fill your lungs with the fragrant air. 

            Youare moving into frequencies oflight to bring you into harmony with nature.  The entireisland is filled with vast fields of flowers.  Red, orange, andyellow flowers are intiers, terraces that stretch as far as you can see.  Walk amongthese fields of flowers.  There is a perfect balance of sunlight,moisture and rich soil sothat every plant grows to its full elegance and color.  Every inchof ground is cultivated forbeauty.  The flowers grow naturally inperfect harmony with the earth and the temple.   Explore thegardens and see if you can recognize some fragrancesor taste the essence of a flower.   Letyourself be in harmony with the plants, the meadow, and theflowers.   

            A mountain river of fresh rainwaterruns through the island and cascades into a great waterfall.  You can almost smell the fresh water as itflows over the falls.  The waterfall ischarging the atmosphere with the electrical balance that accelerateshealing.  Breathe deeply until you feela tinge of exhilaration.  Beneath thewaterfall is a large pool of crystal clear water.  Stand beside the waterfall and bring the purifying energy of thewaterfall to your cells as you breathe. Become aware of the angelic healers near the waterfall and in thegardens among the flowers.  They arehere to empower you to receive more light and love.   They are here to evolve and heal your body so that it canreceive and integrate greater light. 

            Listen to the sound of green budsbursting out of the ground, robins building their nests, swallows glidingthrough the air.  Notice the beauty ofone especially radiant flower here, its face to the sun, a gentle breeze movingit ever so slightly.  Watch as itspetals open.  Turn your face toward thesun as an opening blossom faces the sun and become a human flower, opening outto the rays of the sun. 

            The angelic presence on this islandadds sparkle to the air and to everything on the island.  It creates tremendous beauty, colors,fragrances, and music.  Linger in theforest of trees, the garden of herbs, and the garden of flowers.  Stand near the waterfall or walk beside the lakebelow it.  Make all of these imagesvivid in your mind so that you can visualize them anytime during the day.  They give you psychic energy and stimulateregeneration in your body, in your mind, and your emotions. Follow the path to the Temple of Healingwhere you will meet your soul and become aware of the presence of your SolarAngel. 

A Shower of Light and Colors

You can go by boat to the Island ofRegeneration or you can simply place your fingers to your forehead andtransport yourself here.  Walk alongthe circular path lined with fragrant flowers to your Temple of Healing.  There is a beautiful hidden circularcourtyard in the center of the temple. In the center of this courtyard is a triangle space lined with flowerswhere you can receive a shower of light and colors. The colors clear your energy field of impurities from thephysical world to prepare you to meet your soul and Solar Angel each time youcome here.   

Your shower of colors is your firststep to receive healing by imagining yourself receiving a shower of colors. The angelic healers of each color bring theshower of colors to you. Let eachstream of color fall over and around your head and body, one color at a time. Allow each color to permeate your wholebeing.  All the colors are transparent withpure, clear light. Breathe these colors into your lungs.  Feelthem entering the pores of your skin, refreshing your brain,your eyes, ears, and throat.  Feel thecolors move through your shoulders and neck and down just outside yourspinalcord. 

Imagine rich hues of rosearound you. Then imaginevivid, clear shades of green. Next,focus on several shades of blue, from light to a rich sapphire blue.Then create the vibration of violet by thinking about it. Then lovelyshades of yellowLast, focus on a golden color flowing over your headand around yourbody. 

Feel these colors clearing tinycobweb-like strands that attach themselves to your energy field.  It is as if you have walked for miles down adusty road and all the dust and grime are being washed off your energyfield.  Let the colors clear everythingin the subtle planes that is clinging to your energy field.  This can be other people’s anxieties, fears,and negative emotions, or it can be your own. Guilt, anger, sadness, self-pity—all of these are being cleared fromyour energy field. 

 Notice how you feel after thisshower.  You may feel lighter, as if youhave set aside heavy and unneededluggage.           Youare now ready to set the space to meet your Solar Angel andexperience its clear light flowing into you. Your Solar Angel willassist you to meet and merge with your soul andthe angelic healers. 

Now that you have cleansed yourenergy field with a shower of colors, you are ready to set the space to meetyour Solar Angel and experience its clear light flowing into you.  Your Solar Angel will assist you to reachthe higher frequencies of your soul. You will form a powerful triangle of light with your Solar Angel andsoul to continue your healing and regeneration and work with the angelic healersin the temple. 

Your Temple of Healing

Here are a few ways you can work inyour Healing Temple to gain the most benefit from its healing.

           Seven-Day Healing Treatment:  On the first day go to the firstroom of thetemple to develop inner stillness. Use inner stillness and yourtriangle oflight to handle whatever comes up that day. On the second day of theweek go tothe next room, the Room of Solar Light, bringing the inner stillnessexperiencewith you.  On the third day go into theRoom of Healing Colors, bringing inner stillness and light to this roomwithyou, and so on through each day all week. On the last day seek to seeand bereceptive in every cell of your mind and body to your images of yourfutureself and body that your Solar Angel is transmitting.

Theangelic healers will have worked to heal whatever you are working on by the endof the week, and you will know the practical steps that you can take tomaintain the healing work they have done. If all is not healed, repeat the seven day healing treatment until yousee the results you want.

Thesecond week, you can combine the qualities offered in every one of the sevenrooms of the Healing Temple. Your connection with the angelic healers willbecome ever more powerful. Keep the angelic healers in the background of yourmind throughout the day. Rather than having the same experiences, you may haveall new experiences as your connection deepens with the angelic healers.     

Decidethe greatest healing assistance needed as you arrive on the Island and selectthe healing tools that are most powerful for you that day. If you choose towork with color, for example, immerse yourself with the colors on the coverthat bring in the angelic healers you need. If you have pain, the Room of Colormay offer quick relief. If you are anxious or restless or worried, connect withthe angels of divine love to heal and balance your emotions and bring aprofound experience of serenity to you.

Youcan also create your own methods of working in the healing temple. Some peopleuse only color. Others use the Angel of Divine Love 90% of the time. Manypeople also have good results with occasional visits when they experience aspecial need. Or they may work with each group of healing angels once and then simplyimagine being there again with the healing angels when they need healing. Ifyou are working with a special challenge, consider listening to the CD albumson CD as you go to sleep and immediately upon awakening. The angels continue tohelp you even while you are sleeping.

Every journey may not produce a miracle in itself, yet thelight keeps accruing until the “critical mass” of angelic light and love producesthe desired changes. Every journey adds another valuable piece of the healingprocess.  One journey may bring a serenesense of inner peace. Another could give you a new insight or actually break upa pattern of fear or anxiety. You may find that every question you can ask isanswered with practical solutions just when you need them. One session or room mayconsistently lift your spirit and become your favorite. 

Be prepared to discover new anddeeper levels of healing as you explore the temple with your Solar Angel.  Your journey is just beginning!