Bridge of Light I: Creating Your Temple of Light

By: LaUna Huffines
Eight guided meditations download
Prerequisite: Bridge of Light: Tools of Light for Spiritual Transformation book recommended.
Bridge of Light I - Creating Your Bridge of Light

LaUna created these audio journeys after her Bridge of Light: Tools of Light for Spiritual Transformation book was published (Simon & Schuster) to provide additional ways to create a bridge between your personality and soul, to connect with Spiritual Courage, Joy, and Love, and to meet friends on your bridge to greater light.

Session 1 - Creating Your Temple of Light: You journey into a beautiful meadow and up a mountain to discover your Temple of Light. This is where you build your Bridge of Light to the Soul. Your presence here ignites the white flame of your soul that burns in the center of the temple. As you sense the pristine beauty of this Temple, its luminosity and stillness, you are closer than ever before to the source of your life energy.

Session 2 - Creating Your Bridge of Light: Spinning filaments of lights out of the substance of love from your heart center, you begin building your Bridge of Light to the soul. You absorb this stream of light into your being as the soul responds to you. Standing on the bridge you have built, you look over your life--past, present, and future--to discern the pattern of your life path. You then bring this light into any area to be transformed.

Session 3 - Bridge of Light to Courage: As you invoke the essence of courage and realize how much difference courage will make in your life, you build a Bridge of Light to the spiritual courage that clears your thoughts and opens your heart to beauty and delight. Your body of light grows brighter as you stand on the Bridge of Courage and absorb its strength into your whole being.

Session 4 - Bridge of Light to Love: Standing in the Solar Light (the Soul's light), you connect your Bridge of Light to the divine quality of Love with laser beams of light and color. The energy of your soul flows into you, releasing pain and hurt from the past. You learn to recognize the love around and within you, to delight in the essence of love within all things, and to honor the love that is in the center of your being.

Session 5 - Bridge of Light to Joy: You build a Bridge of Light to Joy, experience yourself in its patterns, and infuse yourself with its radiating essence as a circle of light around you becomes larger. This is an inner joy that bubbles up spontaneously as you go through the world. You might experience it as delight, happiness, or simply a profound peacefulness.

Session 6- Heart and Soul Connecting: Sitting in front of the flame of your soul in the Temple of Light, you let this flame fill your heart with the finer love that transforms you into a radiant being. You bring someone to your bridge and see past their personality to experience the radiant soul that they are. You look at their light body from a sense of timeless awareness.

Session 7- Training Your Subpersonalities: You take one of your subpersonalities (a part of your personality that may be dragging its feet and setting up distractions on your path) on a journey up the mountain with you and get to know its needs. Once you gain its trust, you teach it how to help you on your path. You become its true master, and agree to support each other's real needs..

Session 8- Building Lighted Emotions: Sitting under a special tree, you bring three special people in your life to sit with you, and give each one a gift--a special soul quality, using a step by step process to transmit this quality to them. As these energies stream through you, they clear and lighten your own emotions and well-being.

Listen to the guided journeys in Volume I before moving on to Volume II. Re-connect with your soul each day. Visualize doors opening to your Higher Self, the soul. These journeys have very faint soundwaves under the music to aid receptivity to the higher soul frequencies.

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