Bridge of Light II

Creating Your Highest Future
By: Launa Huffines
Eight guided meditations

Create your highest future, sound your soul note and join your soul group. Dissipate the negative energy of difficult situations, immunize yourself from fears.

These guided journeys are created to go with the book, Bridge of Light: Tools for Spiritual Transformation. Each journey strengthens the connection to your soul. You use the Bridge of Light you created in Volume I to transform your relationships, your work, and add meaning and delight to your life. You may notice changes in your everyday life as a result of going out on your bridge frequently to sound your soul note or to connect soul to soul with someone you know.

Session 1 - Spiritual Trust: This guided meditation guides you to a transformative experience across the Bridge of Light to Spiritual Trust. You choose three situations in your life where you are not yet fully trusting and create shining symbols of gold to infuse each situation with trust in your soul's light and wisdom.

Session 2 - Conflict into Harmony: You build a Bridge of Light to Spiritual Harmony and take a situation with you on the bridge that creates conflict. Here you use the Sacred word and make a solemn commitment to use these Solar patterns of light to transform conflicts in your life into situations of harmony. Higher frequencies dissolve fears and you leave with a deep sense of inner harmony and strength.

Session 3 - Spiritual Choices: You connect with the vast intelligence and wisdom of your soul from your Bridge of Light and see choices that weren't visible before. You see more clearly than ever before the choice for you now that brings greater light and happiness to your world. Here lies your finest opportunity!

Session 4 - Changing Memories: Using a symbol that represents a negative memory you want to neutralize, you select a specific quality of energy that might have created a better outcome for that experience. This could be divine understanding, compassion, discrimination, the will to take needed action, trust, or even humor. With a laser beam of light focused on the symbol, you infuse it with this quality until the undesired feeling is gone.

Session 5 - Creating Your Highest Future, Part I: A journey to listen to over and over! You play "what if' and rise into higher visions to note how much is possible in your future as you build in desired soul qualities from your Bridge of Light.

Session 6 - Creating Your Highest Future, Part II: You select the single most important quality to develop first and decide how much intensity and how frequently you want to experience it. Then you infuse your future with it, step by step, beginning tomorrow! Finally, you meet and merge with your new future self.

Session 7 - Sounding Your Soul Note: From the center of your Temple of Light you learn to become sensitive to your soul note and sound it aloud to harmonize your personality with your soul, and to create a clear path for you soul to express itself in your life.

Session 8 - Joining Your Soul Group: You send out rays of light in every direction to many groups of humanity, and finally merge your soul note with other souls of a similar vibration. You add your soul light to the group, you receive their love and light, and you thus follow your path of love and service.

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