Path of Light III: Bridge to Intuition

Soul to Divine Self
By: LaUna Huffines
Download - Twelve meditations
Prerequisite: Highly Recommended: Path of Light I and Path of Light II
Path of Light III - Bridge to Intuition

You are now working with spiritual forces to help others. Path of Light III increases your intuition and see how to empower others, to build a magnetic aura with your spiritual group, and to lift others mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In these meditations you reach the finer frequencies of intuition. You gain skill in receiving impressions from the higher spiritual dimensions and

You learn to work with your spiritual group through soul to soul connections which enable you to reach the plane of intuition and bring in ideas that will benefit others. You align your mind and soul with the divine Self and realize that you are one with all great souls and one with them in service. Here, you may receive more than you can imagine.

You develop five essential qualities in preparation for work in the Path of Light studies. Each journey guides you to higher planes of reality where knowledge is pure and free from illusions. New solar–lighted atomic energy helps build a landing field for illumined ideas. You learn to wield greater spiritual influence to aid others. Through increasing spiritual receptivity, you recognize new opportunities to add light in the world. 

The Twelve Sessions

Session 1 - You—the Light of the World: Build radiance in the center of the Wheel of Illumination and sense the energy of those in your group who are meditating with you.

Session 2 - The Power of Your Spiritual Group and Master: Enhance vision in the higher planes with the triangle of spiritual vision.

Session 3 - Trust in Spiritual Knowledge: Infuse self–doubts with divine TRUST to see the seed of truth and light within any situation, and transform that situation.

Session 4 - Five Qualities for the Intuitive Plane: Check the level of your motivation, imagination, fearlessness, discernment, and willingness to experiment—then, strengthen the least developed ones.

Session 5 - Journey to the Plane of Intuition: Sense patterns here that contain volumes of wisdom—bring beauty, purpose, order, synthesis, harmony, and knowledge from the essence of Love.

Session 6 - Empowering Your Images: Alternate between two triangles of light, you work with a symbol to empower a long–held dream or goal.

Session 7 - Vitalizing Thought Forms: Working with the group soul, create the thought forms (as great shining temples) that energize your life.

Session 8 - Your Larger Life Purpose: Link with the World Soul and the Master, find your larger life purpose, and cross an invisible bridge to the center of your being.

Session 9 - Transforming Work into Play: Awaken to realize that every moment is play in the larger sense. Present a gift to the seven most influential people in your life.

Session 10 - Facing and Overcoming Challenges: Focus from above, see the past and future as one, find the forgotten piece needed to handle a challenge.

Session 11 - Magnetic Force in a Wider World: Learn ways to build a magnetic aura for yourself and your spiritual group. Transmit your most developed quality to your group members.

Session 12 - Becoming an Unfolding Lotus: As you recognize the joy of the Universe singing in your head, expand the notes of joy, delight, ecstasy, serenity and peace, and send them to special people.

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