Merging with Solar Light II: Transforming Your Emotions

By: LaUna Huffines
Eight Meditations
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Merging with Solar Light II, Transforming Your Emotions
  • Love is the ultimate healing force! When your emotions are transformed to hold more light, they raise the light in your cells, strengthen your immune system, and regenerate your body. Build emotions that energize and heal you as well as the people around you. Expand the healing power of your heart center. Bring streams of light to any challenging situation.
  • Learn ways to transform your emotions into those that radiate with divine love.
  • Expect higher energy levels, added moments of joy and serenity, and more satisfying relationships.

Session 1: Journey into Love
Session 2: Healing Yourself as a Child through Love
Session 3: Purifying Emotions with Solar Fire
Session 4: Playful Emotions
Session 5: Merging Heart and Head Wisdom
Session 6: Bliss as Your Healer
Session 7: Your Healing Ball of Light
Session 8: Lighted Circles of Transformation