Merging With Solar Light III: Transforming Your Body

By: LaUna Huffines
Eight Meditation Journeys
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Merging With Solar Light III

These processes strengthen your immunity to disease, and enable you to handle stress more easily. Use solar light to upgrade your cells and create a finer body. Make changes in your cells that create a better body for your soul’s work here. Let the solar light bring a new molecular substance of a higher vibration into your body.  Add light to your glands, skin, and eyes. Set up ongoing rejuvenation for yourself. Choose the foods that truly nourish you.

Solar light is a shining substance that builds and regenerates anything you focus on—your eyes to see better, your vitality, or adding light to any system.

Session 1: Integrating Solar Light into Your Body
Session 2: An Energy Lift
Session 3: Adding Solar Light to Your Cells
Session 4: Your Food of Light
Session 5: Lighting Your Endocrine System
Session 6: Vitality and Immunity
Session 7: Radiant Eyes
Session 8: Vitalizing Your Etheric Body with Solar Light