Healing Yourself with Light II

Healing Your Systems and Cells
By: Launa Huffines
Eight meditations 22 minutes each.
Prerequisite: Bridge of Light I and II meditations recommended for greatest benefit.
Healing Yourself with Light II

These guided journeys are created to follow Healing With Light I and to go with the book, Healing Yourself with Light: How to Connect with the Angelic Healers. The Healing Angels who are sponsoring this system of healing are working with you as you listen to these meditations. You may notice greater serenity, alert awareness, cheerfulness, and the will to make changes after listening. Subtle healing happens each time you listen. One day a dramatic shift of healing may happen as these subtle changes add up. These guided journeys open the path for you to connect with the directors of four of your systems and to bring the angelic healers to these directors. The words, voice, and music hold the space for you to communicate your hologram to these directors and bring more energy to them so they can up-grade and heal the systems under their guidance.

You will gain the greatest healing from these meditations by being patient with yourself as you develop the inner stillness to listen to your inner healer. This broadcast comes in patterns of light and you are training your mind to perceive clearly. Make notes on what you think you perceive and on the ideas that come to you. Honoring what you receive is the most important step in rejuvenating yourself. The spirit of gratitude for all the healing you are receiving also creates the patterns that build better receptivity.

Session 1 -- Regenerating Your Circulatory System: Listen when you want to work with strengthening your circulatory system or to purify or raise the frequency of light in your blood. Listen when you want more energy, a greater sense of being loved, or a higher will to heal yourself. The angels of divine love will surround you and lift pain of the present or past.

Session 2 -- Revitalizing Your Nervous System: Listen to create a stronger connection with the director of your nervous system, when you want to create a better alignment with your soul, to quiet an overbusy mind, and to create a path for your soul and Solar Angel to reach you more fully.

Session 3 -- Purifying Your Respiratory System: The angelic healers bring colors and finer sounding frequencies to the director of your respiratory system and to your lungs. Listen to upgrade this system or heal it.

Session 4 -- Strengthening Your Immune System: Connect your healing triangle with this director and bring the angels to regenerate this system to heal you or to prevent you from becoming ill.

Session 5 -- Rejuvenating Yourself: Listen to bring in the regenerating energy and love of the angelic healers and your soul. You build your plan of rejuvenation with your inner healer, bring your future hologram self close to you, and experience its life force renewing and refreshing you.

Session 6 -- Raising Cellular Light: As the angels flow into your Temple of Healing, they use love, colors, and sound frequencies to build a finer frequency of light into your cells. You build the new vision into your hologram of your cells sparkling with light, radiating with new longevity and vitality.

Session 7 -- Raising Your Will To Be Healed: Find what could possibly stand in the way of creating a body that fully supports your soul's purpose and learn how to handle it from your inner healer. Discover those things that have great value to you and give your life meaning. Embrace these and feel your will to be well grow stronger.

Session 8 -- Creating Your Highest Healing: Get in touch with the wisdom of your soul, with the power of your Solar angel, with the transforming love of the angels of divine love, and the other angelic healers and bring them all to your inner healer and into your body and your life where spirit and matter meet. This is where miracles can happen!

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