Path of Light II: Opening New Channels for Spiritual Communication

All disciples (spiritual seekers) have to develop these eight qualities for spiritual progress.
By: LaUna Huffines
Eight Sessions
Prerequisite: Path of Light I
Path of Light II: Opening New Channels

You enter a new phase of meditating with your group in Path of Light II. With your group you will be lifting and aiding others with spiritual energies. In Path of Light II you build a shining star, and visualize this star leading your small group of nine. As the soul, you link with each one in your group and envision yourselves thinking and acting from your higher centers.

  • You gain skills in receiving impressions from the higher planes, and recognize the part you can play in the Plan for humanity.
  • You link your higher centers through triangles of light and build a magnetic aura to empower your work, both on the inner and physical planes. (This magnetic aura continues to grow even stronger in Path of Light III, Bridge to Intuition.)
  • Listen as often as you wish to these meditations. Each one adds light for your group --just as other members of the group lift you as they meditate.

The Eight Sessions

Session 1 - Developing the Ajna Center to Direct the Personality: Raise denser feelings (solar plexus energy) to the director of your personality–which is your ajna center.

Session 2 - Using Spiritual Influence for Others: Develop telepathic rapport with family and others you wish to aid. Use spiritual influence instead of personality efforts to reach your goals.

Session 3 - Releasing Fears and Anxiety: Transform fear in the Secret Place of the Most High. Gain confidence, courage, and non-attachment.

Session 4 - Keep the Channel Open: Work with your spiritual group to lift others. Full moon appoach to the Masters.

Session 5 - Joy as a Major Healing Force: Cultivate a joyful spirit independent of personality happiness or unhappiness.

Session 6 - Wise Speech and Wise Silence: Broadcast from the heart and ajna centers during silence. Speak with precision, concisely and clearly.

Session 7 - Strengthening the Quality of Persistence: Become the observer watching tests and trials while simultaneously playing the role of actor until victory is achieved.

Session 8 - Releasing the Past: Release patterns of looking backward with pride or regret. Establish the habit of looking forward into the future.

As a Path of Light II student, you may write to LaUna personally. LaUna reads your emails and holds light for your goals. She sends light to you frequently from the Wheel of Illumination.

You also may form an additional small group among your friends (local and distant) within the larger spiritual group, as illustrated in this artwork. Several small groups are already listening to the meditations together and adding new frequencies of light to the group soul.

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