Path of Light I: Meditating with Your Master

By: LaUna Huffines
Download: 27 meditations
Prerequisite: Bridge of Light I and II audio meditations highly recommended

The Path of Light program is our most advanced audio program. Level 1 has 12 CD audio meditations. Downloads has 27 sessions -- same content exactly, just shorter meditations. Set your intention to connect the soul to your higher mind and this mind to your brain as you listen. Developing this sensitivity to the light and power of the soul in your conscious mind, enables you to know and to act upon your life purpose. In Path of Light III, establish a magnetic link from the soul to the divine self. For greater spiritual aid, we recommend repeating each session several times.

 27 sessions - Path of Light listeners learn:

Group Intention Purifying process to bring through the power of the soul.

Creating a magnetic field of light. Developing soul love, absorbing it into yourself. Finding the group heart and soul.

Drawing pure love frequencies from the Shining Teachers.

Restructuring your emotions. Identifying the group vision emerging from the group soul.
"I am the soul, and also love I am." You awaken a new point of light and power.

From our Cosmic Wheel of Illumination, you call aloud each name in your group, including your own.

Group Receptivity Observing changes in your daily thoughts and relationships. Become a recipient and transmit qualities of love,

A new full moon meditation. Build strands of loving energies from your point of light within a greater light and walk on a golden bridge to the Master. Establishng a new rhythm of higher contact. Joining the annual Spiritual Festival cycle of Wesak.

Developing Harmlessness and control of the personality by the soul. The secret of silence.
Releasing energy tied to the past.

Discrimination - Finding where your life is going, how activities energize or deplete you. Aiding others from soul level. You as Recipient: listening for the notes of the soul, the group, and the Master.

Perseverance and Tenacity. Developing the will that deepens the commitment to the soul.

Using Spiritual Forces A living fountain of light creates new connections in the spiritual planes. Bringing others into the light to be touched by its radiance.

Linking with the Spiritual Triad New alignment with the soul. Sacred geometry. Linking with the future to find your expanded work.

Solitude, Silence, and the Sacred Word Tap into inspirational ideas and action. Practice working with your group through dynamic love and power

Spiritual Poise Focusing the radiance of the Soul.  Moving from the one who listens to the one who knows.
Strengthening and aiding all life on our planet through the power of sacred mantras.

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