Path of Light IV: Sirius, Shamballa, and the Spiritual Sun

By: LaUna Huffines
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Prerequisite: Path of Light I, II, and III. This course is advanced, and only recommended for experienced meditators.
Path of Light IV

You now are prepared to become more sensitive and responsive to the spiritual influences of the Masters and the great constellations beyond our planet. Certain extraplanetary "Suns" bring life force to earth, and this energy streaming into our plalnet is having a powerful  influence.

These spiritual energies are filled with the life force that inspires spiritual impressions to meet the needs of the world. Sensitivity to these energies is useful. These journeys strengthen contact with major centers on our planet.

  • With your spiritual group, become sensitive to certain great constellations that are influencing humanity now.

  • Receive new insights and ideas from the lighted dimensions. Become a worker in the New Group of World Servers.

  • Build light–filled forms that meet the needs of family, community, or wider groups.

  • Expressing light on the physical plane. Using spiritual forces to lift and aid others.
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