Invoke the Lifting, Expanding, Healing Power of Divine Love

It is easy to talk about love and what it would be like to love all that breathes. But to make a difference in your groups, invoke the loving energies beyond the personality's desire to help. The Path of Light audio journeys may help you to find and hold the note and color of your soul.

Ponder deeply on the three expressions of Love:  Love of the Personality, Love of the Soul, and Love of the Divine Self. Love in the Personality gradually develops through the stages of love of self, pure and simple and entirely selfish, to love of family and friends, to love of other men and women, until it arrives at the stage of love for all humanity. Finally, see and accept the reality of your "being" and honor this divine aspect of who you are.

Practice daily; distribute this love to lift family, friends, co-workers, and humanity. One way to begin is to link each morning with the soul, and infuse your mind, emotions and brain with love streaming from the soul and the divine self. This helps integrate these spiritual energies.

Ponder on compassion for all who suffer to strengthen this love until it becomes a dynamic healing energy. Ask for the quality of loving understanding. This frequency of love is the spiritual energy of our Universe.

Think of the Hierarchy of Masters as the heart center of God. By concentrating on sending the divine qualities of love, and infusing our minds and emotions with this energy, we serve effectively. We are infused with love, and we can face personal and world challenges with confidence.

"Where the quality of a relationship is characterized by divine Love, there is perfect understanding, and where there is perfect understanding, there is perfect application of knowledge."