Linking with Divine Light and Love

Creating Harmony Out of Conflict

The soul’s shining essence guides us long before we are aware of it. Our soul infuses our heart with the love that creates harmony out of conflict, peace from anxiety, and the clear mind that dissolves confusion.

we learn to focus on the actual causes rather than on the outer effects. When our actions are soul directed, the effect is positive and healing for everyone.

Once we are motivated by love and the desire to serve, the inner door opens. We begin a spiritual journey that brings new opportunities to make a positive difference in our groups.

Each strand of light we add to our bridge to the soul strengthens and clarifies our vision to merge our personality with the light and love of the soul. Our commitment to let the soul prevail over the personality sets the stage for us to become sensitive to its voice.

Through daily meditation we gain the vision to see the next step on our path of Light. We begin to see the wise choice and act upon each choice. This could be as small as notes of appreciation or a sincere apology where indicated. It might be meditating for or speaking to those who need encouragement or knowledge.

Rather than attempting to escape crises and conflicts in a relationship, learn to focus on the actual causes rather than on the outer effects. Over-lighted spiritual energy creates subtle forms that clear the fog overhead. and aid us, our family, friends, coworkers, and spiritual group,  to develop true understanding.

The quality of loving understanding is in the higher frequencies of spiritual energies. Note two or three situations, personal and international, where you are sensing equally valid attitudes that differ. Imagine how both outlooks are genuine beliefs for the "right" outcome. When thoughts and actions are soul directed, the effect is healing for everyone.