Overcoming Illusions

Certain forces are affecting the most sensitive people. They affect the environment and gradually a momentum is established which sweeps through and produces conditions of depression and distrust, causing panic and waves of fear. This is happening throughout the world.

As long as we humans identify with our emotions, interpret life in terms of our moods and feelings. we will have moments of despair, of darkness, of doubt, of depression. They are due to the glamour of the astral plane, which distorts, reverses and deceives. The need is to free ourselves and others from the great Illusions.

Major fears, the fear of death, fear of the future, fear of suffering, and fear of the future, are the major delusions in the world today.  The use of a positive quality such as courage, does not work.. They have to be met by the power of the soul working through the mind. When fear and depression are overcome, the human race will enter into its heritage of happiness, of inner peace and liberation.  Once the fears have been dominated then right orientation with the soul prevailing, will take place.

Humanity vibrates in one of these ways. The average person is rarely ever free from some mood, some fear, some excitement. This has created a condition where the solar plexus centre is over-developed.  In the mass of humanity the sacral centre and the solar plexus govern the life. This is why desire for material living and for the sex life are so closely blended. When the brain is becoming sensitive to the awakening mind and is not so entirely occupied with  sensory impression, the focus will be on raising the consciousness into those centres which lie above the diaphragm. For the advanced seeker, the solar plexus is largely the organ of psychic sensitivity and will remain so until the higher psychic powers supersede the lower and humans can function as a soul. 

Adapted from Treatise on White Magic (AAB) by L.H.