Soul Power

All can experience the power of the soul through regular meditation. No club or group or organization is required. The commitment to live and work in greater light is the major factor for success in working with the soul. Those who share a positive vision for the world increase the light available each time they meditate.

When three spiritual seekers create a Triangle of Light, they are far more effective and useful than when working alone. A triangle of minds illumined by the soul can wield the Universal love that heals and lifts others. The triangle of those cooperating on the spiritual path becomes magnetic and radiant. This why we created Triangles of Light -- those who want to see peace and joy in the world can find others by registering a new triangle and meditating with two others of like mind. You can create a triangle with two friends or create a triangle and wait. Fifty-seven countries are represented in our Triangles site. Every state in the U.S.A. is represented in this world service activity. There are no fees to participate.

Triangles meditations are especially regenerating in mind and body. Harmony replaces conflicts within, inspiring ideas stimulate clear thinking and the motivation to create a "form" for those ideas which will aid others.

Once we awaken to the value of meditatng with a spiritual group (from 3 to 300)  we see the difference and experience the group light and love streaming through the group. These silent partners may live thousands of miles apart, yet the energy of the soul inspires higher telepathic communication to exchange thoughts. Each member of a spiritual group sends and receives blessings. These interacting connections strenthen our spiritual base. When the soul can prevail over the personality, inevitable personality frictions can be ignored.

Consider registering a new Triangle now and merging the dim light of the personality with the shining light of the soul, individually and in a group of three. You can become one with the soul and end the separation between your personality and soul. Begin by invoking the will of the soul to strengthen the light on your bridge. Ask for divine help in harmonizing the mental, emotional and physical body/brain with the light and love and power of the soul.

Visualize harmony between the lower mind and the higher mind. Imagine transmutation taking place as any worry, fear, or friction is overlighted. When your personality responds to soul love and soul wisdom your bridge emerges filled with the colors of the seven rays of life. It becomes a Rainbow Bridge of Light.