As a Beneficient Presence

by Kathy McMillan

Around the world, people of many faiths are expecting the return of the World Teacher, called by various names: the Christ, Krishna, Messiah, the Maitreya Buddha, Imam Mahdi, and the Bodhisattva. Often each group will claim this Teacher as their own, yet this Great Teacher is Love, and belongs to all of humanity.  But more than this, we are all a part of the consciousness of that Great Teacher, at various stages of awareness and expression. 

So when we consider the coming of such a Teacher, instead of just viewing it as "someone out there" who will solve all of the world problems, we realize, as part of that consciousness, that this "coming" must also begin to manifest through each of us, through all of our relationships, through our thoughts, feelings, speech and actions in our daily lives. 

The responsibility for healing the planet lies within each of us. As we each learn to let go of our critical spirit, as we learn to practice kindness, clarity, divine love, wisdom and truth, forgiveness, as we learn to align our will with Divine Will and as we become a beneficial presence in our lives and daily relationships, we become active participants in the reappearance of the World Teacher. So let us call for the Light, Love and Will of God to be born and come alive within our minds, hearts, and actions in our daily lives and thus hasten the Reappearance of Love for all humanity.