Art as a Medium for Creativity

Have you ever painted on yupo paper? Or discovered “Yupo” paper and the brilliant colors it absorbs when used with special colored inks. You can create lovely abstract patterns this way. Artistic talent is not required; This creative process is a “joint venture” – between the artist, the colors of the inks, and the paper. The paintings awaken the wisdom behind creative vision, just as dreamed of as a child when immersed in the images of the clouds floating by, images of angels, chariots, heavenly hosts, anything the imagination created.

Experimenting with this new art form, one can bring out patterns and colors of her spiritual Self. As a side benefit after being totally immersed in the vivid colors and creative patterns, dreams shift into color-filled activities. The subject of dreams move to new arenas of beauty and harmony shining with every color of the rainbow.

Creating at least one Yupo painting each day for three weeks, sets up the energies for answers to piercing questions long puzzled over. This is just one effect of absorbing soul, mind and emotions in these beautiful, intense colors.