Golden Opportunities

Golden opportunities are precious. With each step into greater light, it is possible to see more clearly, think more clearly, and act from genuine compassion and love.

Golden Opportunities appear when the personality is questioning why it is here on this planet at this time. The answer is only found through the light of the soul and on the plane of higher intuition. It is the will to know, to understand and to find the answer that creates the golden opportunity. The spiritual seeker's will to know opens the door to hidden energies. The soul always responds to the serious effort to know and the willingness to listen in silence to the response of the soul.

The stage for finer receptivity is set through meditation and inner silence. The first sense of one's spiritual purpose comes as a vitalizing, empowering energy, yet totally without form. The disciple herself/himself may recognize an image, a word, a picture. Meditating for understanding and simply being receptive to thoughts that emerge, is the next step. The compassionate understanding grows stronger; the mind rises into finer frequencies, and ideas begin to stream into the consciousness.

At these turning points, a new opportunity to develop the sensed purpose will come forth. It is presented by the soul, not as a golden shimmering star on a silver platter, rather as a challenge, a conflict between the mind and emotions, between an inherited, unexamined belief and a new sensed reality of your true identity.

If the conflict is between heart and head, ask for divine help. Learn how to merge two very different aspects of the self into a synthesis that is stronger than either one alone. Through wise choices by the personality in response to the soul's light, conflicts, challenges, even crises can be met with courage (even when trying to "duck out" of a situation is quite tempting). Every conscious "right" choice leads to a new freedom in the spiritual world. It brings one's life into a higher note, a new and expanded vision. More opportunities will follow.

When you use spiritual forces to bring hope and happiness to others, the soul responds. With heart, mind, and soul working in the same direction, it is possible to move forward through experience. All knowledge is useless until it is put to the test in the material world. Then that knowledge becomes wisdom because it is actually experienced. The theories are simply theories until tested in real life situations and then they become powerful tools to lift and aid others.

Construct a bridge of light to the soul and extend this bridge to the divine Self. Aligning the whole personality (mind, emotions, body and brain) with the soul, is challenging. Success comes from perseverance -- never giving up. This bridge lights the way to realize and express your true life purpose. At the same time you can send out rays of light that will lift others who also are seeking to use their lives for a larger purpose. These energies interact, strengthening others and strengthening you.