Helping a Friend to Heal


At a certain point on the Path, you can recognize how much healing aid you can send to others with your focused thought when your mind is linked in the lighted love of the soul and its spiritual power.. When you send forth a line of this energy, it reaches the target every time. No words, no personal meeting, is needed.Think of someone you know well who would welcome physical, emotional, or mental healing help and link with the power of the soul until you are breathing in the soul's slower, deeper rhythm. [read more]

Visualize her/him surrounded by love streaming in where it is most needed, from above, front and back, and from all sides. See this friend absorbing this energy into his whole being. See her at peace in the pure atmosphere of this healing, spiritual love. It will seem as if these waves of light and joy came out of the blue. (All recipients receive all their capacity allow.)

This process takes only a few minutes, and the effect is inevitable. A woman in our seminar sent a stream of the group love to her sister who had not spoken to her in 15 years. The following week her sister called her, and spoke with great warmth, as if they had been together all that time. She never mentioned their separation; it no longer seemed to exist for either of them.

Surprisingly, this exercise only works when we have nothing to gain for ourselves. Otherwise the energy circles back around and misses the target. Any desire for ourselves would circumvent its path.

Soon, you may want to open your heart to send a blessing of love to all the people in your life -- those from your past, your present, and those who will be part of your future. Each such blessing adds to the light reaching those who suffer physically, emotionally, or mentally.

It is very effective to close each day's meditation with projecting streams of divine love to everyone. In this way you are serving as a beacon of golden light, a companion on the way of love.

Here's a final thought -- you have to access the glowing love of the soul in order to fill yourself with it and send it out to others. You are not giving from core strength, rather from the spiritual Self flowing through you. All are blessed.

There are several other fine effects from this visualization; I will let you discover these for yourself.