The Reappearance of the Christ

Guest Author - Jean St.Martin

The reappearance of the Christ is imminent---to complete the work he began when he came to earth two thousand years ago. He is only waiting for His disciples to establish peace between nations, groups, and individuals. The uniqueness of his impending mission is that he is able to give expression to two divine energies -- the magnetic potency of love and the dynamic effectiveness of the divine will. Never before in the long history of humanity has such a revelation been possible.

We can aid in the work which Christ proposes if we will familiarize ourselves and all men whom we can contact with the following facts:

1. That the reappearance of the Christ is imminent.
2. That the Christ can be evoked in recognition of His appearance,
3. That the circumstances of His return are only symbolically described in the world scriptures. We are not told the circumstances or the time of his return.
4. The major required preparation is a world at peace and is a peace must be based on an educated goodwill, which will lead to right human relations between nation and nation, religion and religion, group and group, man and man.

He will come to restore man's faith in the Father's love and in the close relationship of all men everywhere. It is to the whole world He comes and not just to the Christian world. He comes to the East and to the West. His reappearance will bind together all men and women of goodwill throughout the world, regardless of religion or nationality.

The three modes of His appearing and His physical recognition by humanity are:

1. By His overshadowing of all initiates and disciples who are active in the three worlds of human evolution,
2. By the pouring out of the Christ Consciousness upon people everywhere and in every nation, and involves the release of goodwill into the hearts of men. This establishing of right relations is the major objective of His coming.
3. By His physical appearance among men. He can establish a potent focal point of hierarchical energy upon earth in a manner nor previously possible. He has always kept His promise to stay with us all the days even unto the end of the age.

Peace will come again on earth, unlike any peace known before. The will-to-good will flower forth as goodwill in men. The amount of goodness and vision in the world is enormous. The Christ has no religious barriers. It does not matter to him what faith a man may call himself.

In such an hour when we least expect Him, He will come. His reappearance will be available globally via internet and television, making His coming different to that of any previous Messenger. It is light and life more abundant which He will bring.

The uniqueness of the Christ is that He is able to give expression to two divine energies: the energy of love and the energy of will. Never before has such a revelation been possible. He will guide mankind into a state of consciousness in which human relations and worldwide cooperation for the good of all will be the universal keynote. He will bring light and life more abundant.

Adapted from The Reappearance of the Christ by A.Bailey