Surprised by Joy

by Jean St.Martin

One afternoon during the lunch break of a seminar in San Fancisco,
I walked down to the opera house and picked up a brochure listing upcoming operas.

I found myself rushing back to the meeting. Suddenly an inner "voice" interrupted my progress – "You are only reviewing this seminar - stop and experience where you are –  you have never been here before. Smell the air, feel the energy, appreciate all that went into your being here. You are already perfect just as you are - each person you meet is also perfect.” 

An incredible sense of well-being flowed through every cell of my body. My skin tingled. I felt an indescribable oneness with everything – will all beings - with all that is. My goal in life, all my studies, had been to help people heal themselves physically and emotionally.

This silent voice continued, "Recognize this and you will be assisting people on the inner planes while using the techniques you already know. When you work with people, offer direction and remember that it is your awareness of God's love for each soul that makes the difference.“

A sense of profound joy enveloped me. I wanted to share this love with everyone – even those I passed on the street. Tears of joy and gratitude were sliding gently down my face.

The inner voice began again, “You have known this before and you just forgot for a moment. It is true now and it will always be true."

With new vision I gazed at the beauty of the sky - the colors all around were vivid and vibrant. The reflections on the water from an earlier shower displayed shimmering hues of every color – trees appeared more alive than ever – nature itself seemed to be celebrating new life with me.

I returned to the seminar renewed, recharged and in love with every person there. When we were asked to share what had happened to us during the break, I described my experience to the group -- as one of the greatest revelations in my lifetime.

This was many years ago, yet each time I recall what happened that day, I return to the same wondrous state of loving life and every person I know – or meet.