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Who Is the Light of Your World?

Who Is the Light of Your World?

You are the light of your world! In fact when you are united with your soul you are a Messenger of Light. You are one with all great souls, and you are one with them in service. The more you connect withyour soul and insist that it prevail over your thoughts, emotions, and activities the greater illumination you bring to your spiritual group, your family and friends.

"Acting Out" Illusions of an Unreal World

We have all seen and witnessed the misery of acting from our illusions. The impact of destructive forces upon the mind of the young people today is far more powerful than ever before. This power is gained through vivid images and sound through movies, video games and online videos. Added to this the experience of helplessness to stop the evil characters passes on into the everyday life of the viewers as a sense of being without any power to influence he outcome. He lives in a virtual prison emotionally and mentally.

Meditate with Great World Mantras

The Great World Mantras have been chanted by millions of disciples through the centuries. Here are nine brief videos by LaUna to join these spiritual energies of light, love, and will/purpose. Watch and participate in these mantras each evening.


https://pathoflight.com/content/worlds-great-mantrams - texts 

Linking with Divine Light and Love

Creating Harmony Out of Conflict

The soul’s shining essence guides us long before we are aware of it. Our soul infuses our heart with the love that creates harmony out of conflict, peace from anxiety, and the clear mind that dissolves confusion.

we learn to focus on the actual causes rather than on the outer effects. When our actions are soul directed, the effect is positive and healing for everyone.

Overcoming Illusions

Certain forces are affecting the most sensitive people. They affect the environment and gradually a momentum is established which sweeps through and produces conditions of depression and distrust, causing panic and waves of fear. This is happening throughout the world.