Who Is the Light of Your World?

Who Is the Light of Your World?

You are the light of your world! In fact when you are united with your soul you are a Messenger of Light. You are one with all great souls, and you are one with them in service. The more you connect withyour soul and insist that it prevail over your thoughts, emotions, and activities the greater illumination you bring to your spiritual group, your family and friends.

Even though most people live entirely within the personality frequencies -- until they construct a bridge of light to the soul and divine self, no one need deprive himself of the power of the soul and go through the fear that sweeps through the world like wildfire.

No one need ever feel alone, or helpless and powerless. Once the decision is made to rise into the greater light and love that is always available, changes will come. Few people realize the divine power available when the soul prevails.

The soul heals on the mental, emotional, and physical levels.  It illuminates the illusions that bring fear, anger, discouragement. Surrender every fear to the spotlight of the soul shining on it, and the fear or anxiety starts losing power.

Knowing yourself as the light of the your world brings poised, calm serenity. You can bring harmony to every relationship; it brings  unity where there is separation, and puts you in touch with the the joy of the soul.

These are the first thoughts that came to light in meditation this morning. As more unfolds in the light of the unseen source of illumination, I will add them. After you have logged in, feel free to add your thoughts in meditation and your comments.