"Acting Out" Illusions of an Unreal World

We have all seen and witnessed the misery of acting from our illusions. The impact of destructive forces upon the mind of the young people today is far more powerful than ever before. This power is gained through vivid images and sound through movies, video games and online videos. Added to this the experience of helplessness to stop the evil characters passes on into the everyday life of the viewers as a sense of being without any power to influence he outcome. He lives in a virtual prison emotionally and mentally.

Soon an overpowering fear rises and escalates until he feels compelled to seek power for himself at any cost. The misuse of sound with a heavy beat penetrating the entire nervous system is common today; it stimulates the lowest frequencies to control the mind and heart of the unsuspecting young audience/ They fall into the heavy beat and with repetition begin to identify with the evil character/s who are so powerful, as real people. Repeated exposure to the misuse of sound and vision to gain control of one’s natural, healthy, developing self-image carves  a path to the darkest forces on this planet.

We can blame the latest one who assumes the evil role in a vain attempt to experience power over helplessness, and project our hate upon his evil acts, but our fear, anger, and hatred actually intensifies the determination of the next “joker” who desperately seeks power for his life.

Or we can accept the presented opportunity to look beyond the effects, and locate the actual cause behind such bizarre behavior. The loss of personal power from these vivid images, sounds, and colors seems to begin eight to ten years before the actual “acting out” in a vain attempt to escape an imprisoned life living in isolation from the support and common sense of friends.

Why not concentrate on ways to replace these seductive images of darkness with optimistic dramas, books, music, and pyro-technics that reveal the innate light and love within each of us, movies that inspire and awaken the creative imagination to offer our finest ideas and talents for becoming active within a group of minds and souls sharing a vision. Groups who share positive goals promoting the free will of humanity, are empowered by the force of minds united in spirit. Here lies the true power which establishes light over darkness, hope over despair, understanding over separation.