Becoming Creative

We were born to create. We are Creative Beings when we work from Divine Inspiration.Only one obstacle can diminish creativity within the finer dimensions of light -- and that is being so immersed in anxiety and non-essentials that one's reception to inflowing spiritual ideas from the soul do not reach the conscious mind. 

Connecting from Joy

Who among us would not delight in connecting with others in ways that would bring forth inspiration, loving understanding, and delight? These connections are seeded within the center point of every soul connection.

In the present world culture friendships are usually based in the lowers centers of the personality. They become a grand central station for emotions, high and low. These connections are held together by mutual appreciation, shared feelings, hopes, fears and anxieties. They bring forth a buzz of interest, excitement, and shared stories.

Create a Better Life with Colors

What is the color of your soul? This is the first color to use when you wish to bring a good idea into the world around you.

To learn about the colors of your personality, your mind, emotions, and body, begin to observe the source of conflicts in your life. This knowledge is indispensable to be effective, joyful, and powerful.

Soul Power

All can experience the power of the soul through regular meditation. No club or group or organization is required. The commitment to live and work in greater light is the major factor for success in working with the soul. Those who share a positive vision for the world increase the light available each time they meditate.

Beyond Present Boundaries: Opening New Territory

Since birth each of us has opened up a great deal of territory by meeting and connecting with others. By this time in our lives, we have developed familiar patterns in the way we relate to others. Much of what we say and do seems so natural that we don't notice the lines we have drawn between ourselves and others. Yet in every relationship, whether we are aware of it or not, we establish set boundaries through the way we speak and act.

Art as a Medium for Creativity

Have you ever painted on yupo paper? Or discovered “Yupo” paper and the brilliant colors it absorbs when used with special colored inks. You can create lovely abstract patterns this way. Artistic talent is not required; This creative process is a “joint venture” – between the artist, the colors of the inks, and the paper. The paintings awaken the wisdom behind creative vision, just as dreamed of as a child when immersed in the images of the clouds floating by, images of angels, chariots, heavenly hosts, anything the imagination created.


Guest comments * * *

Launa is a dear friend and fellow presenter. She is skilled in several esoteric disciplines and totally trust worthy. I do think our similar life experiences are synchonicity. That we have the same color and brand of vacuumn cleaners is a hoot! I have told our matching story many times and always get a smile from the audience. She definitely has things to teach. "