Becoming Creative

We were born to create. We are Creative Beings when we work from Divine Inspiration.Only one obstacle can diminish creativity within the finer dimensions of light -- and that is being so immersed in anxiety and non-essentials that one's reception to inflowing spiritual ideas from the soul do not reach the conscious mind. 

The soul always brings ideas in response to Individual needs, group needs, and world needs when aid is invoked. True creativity is stimulated by the Intention to create something that is useful in the world. Once that intention is set, one can merge knowledge with purpose to accomplish creative goals.

How to Expand Your Creative Skills 

Fiirst:  Give yourself permission to creatively meet the need of others. See yourself on the screen of your mind being inspired, motivated, and focused! Create a vivid mental picture in color that opens doors.

Second:: Overcome any personal blocks to creativity. Imagine tapping into divinely inspired ideas and creativity. Shine the light of the soul on that picture until its light infuses your mind and heart. (This is an important step.)

Everything can be done in many different ways. As your mind evolves and aligns with the intuitive plane, you discover better ways to do things, better methods to communicate and to schedule your time. Can you imagine producing something that is beautiful, useful, and practical for others?

Assume that you are creative and reflect on past achievements on all levels.

Find co-workers who believe in your value. Their belief is an energy substance that strengthens you.

Spend time meditating on your own worthiness. Study the great creative solutions of pioneers who contributed to a better life for others.

Start with something small and simple. Simplicity is the key to making a difference.

Design a schedule that uses time wisely. Wasting time is an obstacle that many spiritual workers have to overcome first.