Connecting from Joy

Who among us would not delight in connecting with others in ways that would bring forth inspiration, loving understanding, and delight? These connections are seeded within the center point of every soul connection.

In the present world culture friendships are usually based in the lowers centers of the personality. They become a grand central station for emotions, high and low. These connections are held together by mutual appreciation, shared feelings, hopes, fears and anxieties. They bring forth a buzz of interest, excitement, and shared stories.

Are there exceptions? Yes! As we evolve in knowledge, understanding, and experience, our interests change, our mental drive is clear and strong. We realize that we are much more than a personality. A search begins to connect with the soul, the true self.

Once the soul begins to prevail over the spiritual seeker's life his relationships change; they are no longer reuled by emotional reactions. His soul-infused mind has the knowledge and wisdom needed for meaningful and harmnious relationships. Lingering influences from the solar plexus will disrupt at times, yet the lesser emotional frequencies are soon identified and acknowledged.

Such relationships are powerful and strengthening. They are awakening, healing agents.. The stronger the influence of the soul, the more creative and joyful a relationship can be. Heart love alone is sentimental and possessive. Head knowledge alone is cold and distant, separative rather than uniting. A dynamic, powerful connection between head and heart develops, and becomes a blessing to many others.

Spinning threads of light to reach the soul is the beginning of this shift in making true connections. This bridge is the factor that makes these relationships possible. Each one is invoking soul light, soul power, soul joy, and soul love into their consciousness. Old habits of feeling separate, of feeling superior or inferior to others are replaced with a sense of unity in spirit. Once the bridge of light is steady and shining, these connections progress through working and serving together. The spiritual qualities of one are interlaced with the group and become available to everyone in the group. The struggle to forgive others, to understand others' beliefs, or to drop grudges is a struggle that drops away. In the light of the bridge the "essence being" of others is realized. Personality frictions are overlooked.

Soul light illumines! When certain unevolved personality traits are viewed in that light, even in imagination, the spiritual seeker (disciple) sees the work to be accomplished; she befriends the thin skinned, the controlling, the critical, impatient personality side and coaches it into cooperation with her vision. Her task is to replace off-key notes and colors with new ones that are in harmony with the song of the soul. She sees how rapidly the soul can infuse her consciousness with the love that creates inclusive, creative, and happy connections.

Soul love inspires the realization of the need to reorient the whole personality to a new vision, to create a harmonious relationship within each part of the personality. With the soul's instruments united and in harmony (the mental body, emotional body, and physical/etheric body) the step of reorienting the personality focus is much easier.

As the personality becomes receptive to soul love, that love will have a tremendous impact upon her life. She will no longer be living in the past (doing things the way she always has done them). Habits of thinking, ways of reacting to others, even her view of the world around her can be illumined. She will realize that by combining the power and will of the soul with her own will, the effect will be the power to build new ways of thinking and responding, and a new expanded vision of the world around her. Even though most people passively accept or actively rebel against the dense world culture, an awakened soul will find ways to work for a finer culture of goodwill and add his/her unique talents and skills to spread goodwill and cooperation with his family, his groups, his community and to everyone he is connected with.

A friend describes her creative ideas about spreading goodwill being used in her local school system and the difference it is making in her community. She has gained the courage to explore new ways for the children to teach goodwill, through art, music, and writing.

The belief is that someone else, a wiser person, is the source of his inspired awareness. She "falls" quite literally in love with that person from the lower personality centers. Expectations are high to enjoy major lifts in happiness and self-discovery. Gradually life settles down to its normal level of daily feelings and thoughts. Becoming receptive to the soul is healing and illuminating. The light of the soul brings an instantaneous lift. The light of the personality is dim in comparison.

Once the eye is focused on the soul as the true source of illumination, one sets her life on target. When this recognition occurs, discovery follows. Other souls appear in her life who want to know more about the essential nature of "being."

The will to become sensitive to and to merge into the light that the Soul is reflecting from the divine Self is the hidden truth that has to be discovered. When one spins threads of light to a brighter light, she builds a two-way channel. Light comes in over the head, filters into the brain and the entire neural system. She begins to absorb the greater light in her mind and body. An escalating effect begins. The dimly lighted cells become brighter. Unhealthy cells are replaced with offspring of the bright cells. He/she realizes a new level of vitality. That finer level of health and wholeness may be noticed first in the physical body. More energy is available.

There is a sense of abundant energy in place of "not enough" energy. This vitality begins with the extraordinary healing power of the soul streaming into the seven energy centers. These centers are not in the body itself; they are in the etheric body which is the framework for the physical body. All health and disease begins in the etheric body a few inches outside of the physical body and interlaces with the physical systems through the ductless glands and nervous system.

Expanding vertically into greater light and expanding horizontally with new connections, is a noble goal. The combination creates an abundant and rich life. Reaching divine will becomes a possibility glimpsed at rare intervals. His interests broaden from a few special family members, friends or co-workers to include larger groups of those with shared goals. He moves to a new depth of understanding, energized by newly gained awareness. He does this through speech, writing, art and/or music. He might work through the emerging science of psychology, sociology. Essentially, he begins to be a creative and useful force in the world.

More about the seven colors and their spiritual qualities in the next session -- - - - .