Create a Better Life with Colors

What is the color of your soul? This is the first color to use when you wish to bring a good idea into the world around you.

To learn about the colors of your personality, your mind, emotions, and body, begin to observe the source of conflicts in your life. This knowledge is indispensable to be effective, joyful, and powerful.

Your soul could be on any one of the seven basic colors. The colors are symbols for one of the Seven Rays of Life. Your Rays chart includes the soul, personality, the mind, the emotional body, and the physical/etheric body. Five colors will compose your color chart, each symbolizing different characteristics, qualities, and powers. The physical body will be work within green or violet.

If you want to calm your emotions and live more fully in the mind than in the emotional sphere, expeiment with the colors of sapphire blue, or light blue and rose. One of these colors will add a sense of joy, happiner, serenity, nner peace or understanding to this part of your personality.